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Elvis' Battered Jet Hits Auction Block Again

Bids will be accepted until July 27

(Newser) - For somewhere in the ballpark of six figures, you can fly like the King. Or pretend to. One of Elvis Presley's private planes, presumably used to jet the late heartthrob to shows across the country, is up for bid in an online auction until July 27, with a likely... More »

Major Civil War Battlefield Is Now a Crime Scene

Looting a federal battlefield is a crime that can carry a $20K fine, 2 years in prison

(Newser) - Just days before the area's major commemorative events linked to Memorial Day, the National Park Service has announced that Virginia's Petersburg National Battlefield is an "active crime scene," reports CNN. "Earlier this week, one of the park employees was out doing landscape work and noticed... More »

For First Time, You Can Buy World's Priciest Tea

Darjeeling tea will be available in online auctions in June

(Newser) - Some of the world's most expensive tea is grown in Darjeeling, India, but only sold to large tea houses in private weekly auctions. Next month, that 150-year-old tradition will come to an end. For the first time, Darjeeling tea will be sold online in new pan-India e-auctions beginning June... More »

Guy Finds $100K Comic in Wall of Old House

Action Comics #1 up for auction

(Newser) - David Gonzalez bought an abandoned home in Elbow Lake, Minnesota, for about $10,000, planning to remodel it. But he ended up getting more than he bargained for—more than 10 times more, it seems. In the walls of the house, amid the newspapers used as insulation, Gonzalez found a... More »

Cup of Coffee With Tim Cook: Just $180K

Charity site auctions chance to chat with Apple CEO

(Newser) - Would you spend $180,000 for a half-hour with Tim Cook? If so, you're not alone: That's how high the auction price stands for coffee with the Apple CEO. The site charitybuzz is auctioning off the coffee date of 30- to 60-minutes to benefit the RFK Center for... More »

Google Glass Appears on eBay for $16K

Post apparently taken down

(Newser) - Google Glass has already arrived on eBay—or so a seller claims. The project hasn't yet arrived on the proverbial shelves, but a Cleveland seller says that, after being selected by Google , he or she will get a pair at a New York event this week. When they finally... More »

Auction Sells Brazilian's Virginity for ... $780K

Male virgin fetches only $3K in same event

(Newser) - An Australian filmmaker's stunt to make a documentary about virginity—and the losing of it—seems to have worked in a big way: An anonymous Japanese man won an online auction with a bid of $780,000 to be 20-year-old Brazilian Catarina Migliorini's first lover, reports the Huffington... More »

Now on eBay: Whole Italian Village, $3M

Tuscan residents not included

(Newser) - Ever dreamed of a Tuscan home? How about an entire town? If you've got $3.1 million to spare, you could score one on eBay, the Telegraph reports. The 800-year-old village of Pratariccia is for sale on the auction site; the buyer will get 25 run-down houses among scenic... More »

Hitler's Medical Files Tell of Flatulence, Cocaine Use

Also: notes about 'cleansing enemas' and bull-testicle extract injections

(Newser) - Adolf Hitler was a blowhard in more ways than one. He frequently used cocaine, ingested some 28 drugs at a time, and suffered from "uncontrollable flatulence," according to his medical records. Someone with enough bucks and a high bid can have those fascinating files, about to be offered... More »

Want an Oscar? Try Buying One

15 up for auction next week, and the academy is not happy

(Newser) - Face it, Taylor Lautner: This is your only chance. Fifteen Oscar statuettes will be auctioned Tuesday in the largest such sale ever, says the Los Angeles Times , and bids during the online and telephone event are expected to reach up to $4 million. All of the awards currently belong to... More »

Unabomber's Hoodie Pricier Than Scrawled Manifesto

And in other weird auction news...

(Newser) - Get out your checkbooks, kids: There is a slew of famous and infamous items up for auction. The US Marshal's office's online auction of the Unabomber's personal effects ends tomorrow, and Aol's Weird News astutely observes that Ted Kaczynski's 35,000-word handwritten manifesto ($17,525)... More »

Biggest Threat to Endangered Species: the Internet

Online trading fuels demand for protected species

(Newser) - The Internet has become one of the biggest threats to at-risk species, allowing hunters to offload everything from polar bear pelts to extremely rare Iranian salamanders with ease, conservationists told the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species in Qatar. Thousands of endangered species are regularly traded online through message... More »

GM Launches EBay Car Sales

(Newser) - GM is hoping to boost its sales in California with a trial program selling new cars and trucks on eBay, AP reports. Most of the company's dealers in the state have signed up for the program, which will let buyers haggle over the price of new vehicles and determine online... More »

Strangest eBay Auctions Ever

Used handkerchiefs, sisters... the possibilities are endless!

(Newser) - Hard up for cash? Perhaps the Daily Mirror’s list of the 10 most bizarre eBay auctions will inspire you to sell off some of your own belongings:
  • Scorned by your ex-wife? Consider selling her wedding dress. If you model it yourself, as one man did in 2004, you could
... More »

Toddler Buys $20K Digger Online

Girl, 3, wins auction for heavy machinery while parents are sleeping

(Newser) - A tech-savvy New Zealand 3-year-old bought a $20,000 piece of heavy machinery while her parents were sleeping, the Daily Telegraph reports. Pipi Quinland went to the family computer after waking up early, entered the online auction site TradeMe—her mom had logged on earlier—and won an auction for... More »

Scarlett's Used Tissue Passes $2K on EBay

Johansson auctions off used tissue to feed the hungry

(Newser) - Scarlett Johansson is proving that even Hollywood glamour-pusses can be gross. The actress thinks her flem would make a nice fan memento, so she’s auctioned off a used tissue to raise money for a hunger charity. Bidding on eBay has already topped $2,000, the New York Daily News ... More »

EBay Slashes Listing Fees 75% to Lure Back Sellers

The online auction giant sees 'Amazonification' as a path to profit

(Newser) - Looking to compete more aggressively with Amazon for users who want to sell items at a fixed cost, eBay is changing its pricing model, lowering listing fees by up to 75% and increasing its final sales commission, BusinessWeek reports. The goal is to increase inventory of items listed at a... More »

Tips to Avoid Online Scams

Guidelines for safe e-shopping are necessary even on eBay

(Newser) - If it looks too good to be true, it might be. Counterfeit goods are no stranger to sites as mainstream as eBay, so you'll want to take a few precautions to avoid forking it over for a fake. Forbes outlines tips for a safe and reliable e-shopping spree.
  • Know what
... More »

eBay Auctions: Going, Going ... Gone?

Site making changes as one-click buying gains market share

(Newser) - EBay is the Internet’s top auction site—which would be great if consumers still liked auctions. Long gone are days when consumers happily stalked their prey, which went to the top dog in frenzied bidding. These days, most prefer quick, one-click, fixed-price shopping—and eBay is scrambling to accommodate... More »

eBay Profits Jump 22% Under New CEO

Site raises projected revenue to $9B, exceeds estimates

(Newser) - EBay's revenue soared 24% in the first quarter, the Wall Street Journal reports, with profits up 22%. Fueled by continued success with its online auction business and PayPal, its online-payment component, the company also raised its projected 2008 earnings to $8.7 billion to $9 billion, well beyond Wall Street... More »

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