Issey Miyake

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How Steve Jobs' Turtleneck Uniform Was Born

It began when employees rejected his idea for a company vest: Biography

(Newser) - Steve Jobs considered his signature style of black turtleneck and blue jeans to be a sort of personal uniform—which came to be because Apple employees rejected his idea for a company-wide uniform. Gawker has excerpts from the upcoming Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson that explains the back story.... More »

Fashion's Issey Miyake Haunted by Hiroshima

Obama's disarmament talk inspires A-bomb survivor to speak up

(Newser) - Issey Miyake’s clothes are famous for color and exuberance, but the Japanese designer has a tragic past: He survived the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Miyake has declined to talk about the blast, “preferring to think of things that can be created, not destroyed,” he writes in... More »

Polyester Sticking to the Runway

Once-disdained fabric makes synthetic splash in spring fashion shows

(Newser) - Once shunned as tacky, scratchy and smelly, polyester was front and center on spring runways this year. "In fashion when something's so hideous, it's great," Marc Jacobs tells W about his use of the synthetic in Louis Vuitton cardigans and skirts. Japanese designers Rei Kawakubo and Issey Miyake... More »

3 Stories