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This Might Be the Most Unusual Little Island on the Planet

Pheasant Island is the subject of a centuries-old custody arrangement

(Newser) - There's a tiny island on the border between France and Spain where it is possible to go to sleep in one country, not move an inch, and wake up in the other. Well, it would be possible if it were legal to visit the island, but alas, at less... More »

Why Belgium Is Handing Land to the Netherlands

It has a little bit to do with a headless body

(Newser) - Throughout history, borders have caused unfathomable bloodshed, ageless feuds, and decades-old legal disputes, which makes plans for a friendly exchange of land between the Netherlands and Belgium all the more remarkable. The reason for such magnanimity? "Because it makes sense to do so," says Marcel Neven, the mayor... More »

Back Off, Stewart: Arizona Needs That Law

Abandoned by feds, state did what it had to do

(Newser) - Stop abusing Arizona, David Frum writes—the state Jon Stewart called the "meth lab" of democracy has a real problem that the federal government isn't doing a damn thing about. With the Mexican border at San Diego effectively fenced, illegal immigration and drug trafficking have shifted into Arizona, he... More »

Borders Tighten as Swine Flu Deaths Hit 152

(Newser) - Countries are tightening borders and stepping up containment methods as the swine flu body count continues to rise, the New York Times reports. The disease is suspected in 152 deaths, all in Mexico; 50 US cases are now confirmed from California to New York City. Health officials in Japan and... More »

Israel Renews Attacks on Gaza

Air strikes, border closing follow Israeli soldier's border death

(Newser) - In the worst violence since both sides declared ceasefires, Israel today launched new air attacks and sent tanks and bulldozers into Gaza following a border explosion that killed an Israeli soldier, the BBC reports. There has been intense fighting in the south and a Palestinian farmer was killed. Israel closed... More »

NATO Seals Kosovo Borders

Troops called in after mobs burn border posts

(Newser) - NATO peacekeepers have sealed off Kosovo's northern borders after angry mobs torched border posts, the BBC reports. US troops have blocked the main road to Serbia, and French and Estonian troops have cut off the crossing to Montenegro. The move is bound to infuriate Serbs both in Kosovo and Serbia,... More »

6 Stories