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Mystery of Little Prince Author's Fate Solved

German vet tells archaeologist, 'I shot down Saint-Exupéry'

(Newser) - One of aviation’s great mysteries has been solved: What happened to Antoine de Saint- Exupéry, the French pilot and author of The Little Prince, who disappeared in 1944. A bracelet turned up in the Mediterranean a decade ago, then a sunken aircraft. An archeologist diver, not satisfied to... More »

Germans Find Hidden Nazi Gold

Gold pinpointed in cavern, stolen chamber of the czars could be nearby

(Newser) - Treasure hunters in Germany have announced they've found a secret stash of Nazi gold in an underground cavern and they believe it could be from the looted Amber Room of the Russian czars, Der Speigel reports. Instruments have detected what could be 2 tons of gold in the cavern near... More »

2 Stories