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Netanyahu Hosted Japan's PM for Dinner. The Dessert Stunned

Not in a good way, though, as shoes are looked down upon in Japanese culture

(Newser) - On Monday, Israeli celebrity chef Segev Moshe proudly posted a pic on Instagram showing off his latest creation: what looked to be a man's shoe filled with a "chocolate selection from the world." Per the Washington Post , it was Moshe's dessert offering for a May 2... More »

We're Living in the 'Age of Bailing'

David Brooks laments how easy it is these days to blow somebody off

(Newser) - The era of insta-communication via text has had an unfortunate consequence, writes David Brooks in the New York Times . "It's clear we're living in a golden age of bailing." By that he means it's way too easy these days for people to make a commitment,... More »

Stop 'Phubbing' Your Significant Other

'Phone snubbing' could be harming your love life: researchers

(Newser) - Cellphones may offer the ultimate communication convenience, but they could also be sabotaging our romantic relationships—via users who "phub" (phone snub) their partners, a new study finds. The study in the January 2016 issue of Computers in Human Behavior found that 46% of respondents reported feeling phubbed by... More »

Newlyweds Bill Relatives Who Missed Their Big Day

Family reunions are going to be awkward

(Newser) - "You've got to be kidding me." That was Jessica Baker's reaction to receiving a bill for the two herb-crusted walleye dinners she and her husband missed out on when they were forced to skip a relative's wedding at the last minute, KARE reports. The $75.... More »

Yep, It's Rude to Use Your Phone at Dinner

Pew study identifies the latest trends in cellphone use

(Newser) - Most Americans—82% of us—say a friend's habit of burying his face in a cellphone has ruined a conversation. No surprise there, right? But even more Americans are guilty of the practice. A new Pew study of 3,217 adults finds 89% of people have used their phones... More »

2 Crazy Incidents Illustrate Broadway Menace: Phones

Including the guy who jumped on stage to charge his

(Newser) - Cell phones in theaters: After two high-profile incidents on Broadway, things seem to have reached a "tipping point," observes Variety . The first occurred when 19-year-old Nick Silvestri hopped up on the stage just before the start of Hand to God and plugged his phone into an outlet, not... More »

Restaurants Need to End a Rude New Practice

Blogger: Don't clear one diner's plate if others are still eating

(Newser) - At some point, it apparently became protocol for a server to clear a diner's empty plate even if others at the table are still eating. Please stop, writes Roberto Ferdman at the Washington Post . The move makes slower eaters uncomfortable—you're going too slow!—and faster eaters... More »

Oops! LeBron Touched Kate

She didn't seem to mind, though

(Newser) - Prince William and wife Kate met LeBron James Monday night after the Cleveland Cavaliers played the Brooklyn Nets in New York, and the NBA star accidentally breached royal protocol ... by putting his arm around Kate. As Time notes, the understood—even if not explicitly stated—etiquette dictates that when meeting... More »

McDonald's to Workers: Don't Forget to Tip Pool Boy

As workers rally, tipping etiquette puts McDonald's in the fryer

(Newser) - Bad move, McDonald's? As fast food workers walked off the job in 100 cities this week amid demands for higher pay, the fast food giant thought it was a good idea to dish out some holiday tip suggestions to its employees—like how much to tip your massage therapist... More »

This State Swears More Than Any Other

Ohioans aren't too polite on the phone: study

(Newser) - If you're easily offended, you may want to cover your ears during any business call with Ohioans. This is according to a new survey of taped phone calls—the kind with your bank, for instance—in which they warn you that your call may be recorded. During such calls,... More »

China's Rules for Tourists: Please Flush, No Spitting

Also don't pick your nose in public, says the Guidebook for Civilized Tourism

(Newser) - China's latest legislative wonder is calling for citizens to please flush, and refrain from spitting. It's all part of a 64-page Guidebook for Civilized Tourism, part of a new tourism law, that seeks to crack down on rowdy Chinese abroad to clean up China's image, CNN reports.... More »

Rapper Meek Mill Sentenced to ... Etiquette Classes

Philly rapper told he needs training after fans threaten judge, probation officer

(Newser) - A judge does not like the way Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill is handling himself in the court room or on social media, and has ordered the rising hip-hop star to complete etiquette classes. The judge first told him to take the classes in May, after, she says, messages he posted... More »

Down With Wedding Gifts

Matthew Yglesias thinks we should give graduation gifts instead

(Newser) - The custom of giving wedding presents began when people were getting married quite young, likely broke, and in possession of few household goods—so why are we still giving them today? If anything, many of today's married couples are merging two households and have too much stuff. The tradition... More »

Kids on Planes: A Privilege, Not a Right

Parents shouldn't expect airlines to 'bend over backward'

(Newser) - An Alaska Airlines flight was recently forced to return to the gate just before takeoff, thanks to a screaming 3-year-old who insisted on lying down with his seat belt around his neck. The family was asked to leave the plane, and they're not happy about it. But instead of... More »

The Real Tribute to Great Theater: a Seated Ovation

Show your appreciation by keeping your butt in the seat: Ben Brantley

(Newser) - At one time, a standing ovation may have meant something—but lately, you can hardly go to a Broadway show without being forced to join in one. Almost every show "ends with people jumping to their feet and beating their flippers together like captive sea lions when the zookeeper... More »

New Phone Etiquette: Don't Call Anyone

Phones are so smart now, we've stopped calling altogether

(Newser) - Smartphones are the most important accessories in our lives, good for doing just about anything—except actually calling people, writes Pamela Paul in the New York Times . In fact, phone use in general is way down over the past five years, reports Paul, so much so that when her phone... More »

Hey, America: Stop Hugging Me

Do we really need to touch this much? asks Juliet Lapidos

(Newser) - We’re facing a hugging epidemic in America: not only do we hug our friends constantly, we’re also expected to hug our friends’ girlfriends’ coworkers, writes Juliet Lapidos in Slate . Sure, there are times when hugs are called for: when the hugger is your boyfriend, or your mother, or... More »

'Dear' Has Gone the Way of the Dinosaur

In our Internet age, it's too intimate for some, too formal for others

(Newser) - Dear reader: If starting your correspondence with the word “dear” seems just a bit too familiar to use, you’re not alone. The long-penned salutation appears to be headed for extinction, thanks in part to the proliferation of informal communication like email, the Wall Street Journal reports. Even one... More »

How to Confront an iPhone Addict ... Politely

Sorry, but no, you shouldn't approach rude strangers

(Newser) - Sarah Lorge Butler cannot believe she needs to remind us of this, but “it’s not polite to use a BlackBerry or iPhone at the table. Ever,” she writes for CBS . After running into two situations—one involving a friend, the other a stranger—in which she wanted... More »

How to Behave on Facebook

No one wants to read about your daily workouts

(Newser) - Facebook is nice and all, but it would be better if people had to follow some basic rules of etiquette. Wendy Atterberry offers up the 10 she’d like to see, on The Frisky :
  1. Stop tagging people: And while you’re at it, don’t even post those “embarrassing
... More »

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