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Clooney Talks Darfur With Obama

Oscar-winner, president met in White House on Oscar day

(Newser) - George Clooney had a pretty good reason for skipping the Oscars: He had a meeting yesterday with President Obama. Clooney told the president about his visit with Darfur refugees, and delivered 250,000 postcards gathered by the Save Darfur organization to the president. "I think somehow we should all... More »

Olympic Sponsors Targeted Over China-Darfur Links

McDonald's and others supporting 'genocide Olympics,' activists say

(Newser) - Activists are preparing to plaster college campuses with posters with charges like “McDonald’s: Proud Sponsor of the Genocide Olympics,” hoping to pressure multinational corporations sponsoring the Beijing Games into doing more about Darfur, BusinessWeek reports. Buying oil from Sudan makes China a sponsor of the region's genocide,... More »

2 Stories