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Facebook Bus Drivers React to Their 15-Hour Days

They look to Teamsters to represent them

(Newser) - Hauling highly-paid Facebook employees to the company's Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters makes for a long day: Facebook shuttle drivers typically start work around 6am; they may not get home until after 9pm. They're not driving that whole time (one driver's morning shift ends at 11:10am, and... More »

32 Fla. Prison Guards Fired After Inmate Deaths

Prisoners at 4 state prisons died because of abuse, misconduct: allegations

(Newser) - Nearly three dozen guards for Florida's state prison system have been fired for alleged misconduct or abuse after inmate deaths at four different facilities, the Miami Herald reports via the AP . Department of Corrections Secretary Michael Crews said in a statement on Friday that the goal of the mass... More »

Source: Hoffa Disposed Of via Wood Chipper

Law enforcement source says there's no body to find

(Newser) - The latest search for Jimmy Hoffa's body turned up nothing , and that's exactly what any future searches will turn up, too, a law enforcement source tells DNAinfo ... because the Teamster boss's body was put through a Michigan wood chipper, and there's nothing left of it, the... More »

Hoffa Search Ends, Mystery Continues

FBI announces end to search in Oakland Township field

(Newser) - The FBI says it has found no sign of the remains of former Teamsters union leader Jimmy Hoffa and is ending a dig in suburban Detroit . The announcement was made today by Robert Foley, head of the FBI in Detroit, just a few hours after digging resumed. The dig began... More »

Field Searched for Hoffa's Remains

Hunt takes FBI to Oakland Township, north of Detroit

(Newser) - The hunt for the remains of Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa is back on. US agents today searched a field in suburban Detroit, ostensibly on a tip from this man . The special agent in charge of the FBI's Detroit division confirmed that the agency and its partners executed a search... More »

New Maker of Twinkies Ditches Unions

They're confident they can find non-union workers in hard-hit towns: WSJ

(Newser) - HoHos, Ding Dongs, and, yes, Twinkies are coming back—without the union workers that once produced them. The reborn Hostess Brands LLC intends to cut ties with the Teamsters and the bakers' union, the CEO of Metropoulos & Co., which bought the bankrupt company along with Apollo Global Management, tells... More »

Hundreds Shield Bombing Funeral From Westboro Protest

Westboro Baptist Church stays away from Krystle Campbell's funeral

(Newser) - As hundreds of mourners arrived at a church in Medford, Massachusetts, to pay their respects to 29-year-old Boston Marathon bombing victim Krystle Campbell , hundreds more gathered across the street to protect the funeral from a protest threatened by the Westboro Baptist Church . Teamsters Local 25 brought over 200 union members... More »

Alleged Mobster: Jimmy Hoffa Is Buried Here

Former Cosa Nostra No. 2 Tony Zerilli breaks his silence

(Newser) - Jimmy Hoffa's body might be found at long last. A man the FBI believes was once the second in command of the Detroit Cosa Nostra has broken his silence about Hoffa's disappearance, showing NBC 4 New York a field that he claims is the Teamster boss's final... More »

A Union Killed Hostess— but Not the One You Think

Holman Jenkins thinks the Teamsters are to blame for the Twinkie-maker's exit

(Newser) - What killed Hostess? Don't believe the people blaming private equity or America's changing tastes. Labor was the real culprit, writes Holman Jenkins at the Wall Street Journal , but don't blame the striking bakery union, which is, at worst, "guilty of perfectly justifiable attempted homicide." No,... More »

Union: Twinkies Won't Die

Hostess in bankruptcy court today

(Newser) - The union that Hostess blames for its collapse says Twinkies and other iconic snacks will live on. Hostess will present its plan to shut down plants and sell off its business to a bankruptcy judge today, but the chief of the the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers, and Grain Millers union... More »

Detroit Cops: Sorry, We Didn't Find Jimmy Hoffa

Soil samples from Michigan property show no human remains

(Newser) - Jimmy Hoffa's mysterious disappearance remains a mystery. Police in Roseville, Michigan, say their much-ballyhooed dig for the former Teamsters boss has turned up nothing, reports CBS Detroit . Acting on a tip, police dug up the concrete beneath a driveway shed in the Detroit suburb, but soil samples turned up... More »

Is Jimmy Hoffa Buried Under a Michigan Driveway?

Police taking a soil sample Friday after getting a tip

(Newser) - Police will take a soil sample from beneath a driveway in Roseville, Michigan, on Friday in the hopes of solving the Jimmy Hoffa mystery, reports the Detroit Free Press . An unidentified tipster says the former Teamster boss might have been buried there after he went missing in 1975. Authorities have... More »

Hoffa: Let's 'Take Out' Tea Partiers

'They started the war,' say Teamsters

(Newser) - Furious Tea Partiers are demanding that President Obama call Teamsters union boss James Hoffa to heel after he urged workers at a Labor Day rally to "take out" party members. "They've got a war. We're going to win that war," Hoffa said in Detroit before... More »

Pot Growers Join Teamsters Union

It's unclear how unionizing will help though

(Newser) - Medical marijuana growers have officially joined the ranks of organized labor—as part of the Teamsters. Almost 40 growers jointed the labor union earlier this month, the AP reports. All of them work for Marjyn Investments, an Oakland business that contracts out pot growth for patients. Thanks to their newly-negotiated... More »

Composers Seek Pay Tune-Up With Teamsters

Hollywood composers, lyricists form alliance with Local 399

(Newser) - A group of composers for movies and TV seeking a better deal now have the Teamsters in their corner. The musicians, who complain that their pay is shriveling as studios expect them to absorb more costs, were one of the few groups of Hollywood workers not covered by union contracts.... More »

6 Globe Unions Cut Deal; Largest Remains

Two more still need to settle differences or Boston paper will shutter

(Newser) - Under threat of closure from the New York Times Co., six of the Boston Globe's seven unions have hammered out tentative deals with management, agreeing to millions in concessions, reports the Globe. But the newspaper's largest union, the Boston Newspaper Guild, is taking a break from negotiations following what the... More »

Labor Faces a Tough Year at Table as Economy Stalls

Worsening economic conditions are forcing unions to reopen contracts, weigh givebacks

(Newser) - Organized labor is facing one of its toughest negotiating years in decades as the swooning economy prompts employers to seek givebacks and contract reopenings, reports the Wall Street Journal. With several major contracts expiring—AT&T, United Airlines, and Goodyear, among others—2009 could be punishing for labor. More »

Teamsters, Obama Deny Quid Pro Quo

Support for ending oversight preceded union's backing

(Newser) - Before winning the Teamsters’ endorsement, Barack Obama said he’d support ending government oversight of the union, an unusual stance for a presidential candidate, reports the Wall Street Journal. An independent board has policed the historically organized-crime-influenced Teamsters since 1992; Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and Al Gore left the matter... More »

Truckers Protest Fuel Prices

List of demands includes end to oil-company subsidies

(Newser) - Truckers led a convoy of vehicles around the National Mall today in Washington to protest high fuel prices, the AP reports. Drivers from the group Truckers and Citizens United converged on DC for an afternoon rally to try to influence Congress to end oil-company subsidies, supplement supply with oil from... More »

Penn Ties Still Hurting Clinton in Pa.

Pro-Obama unions attack Hillary for not dumping strategist

(Newser) - The demotion of Mark Penn in Hillary Clinton's campaign hasn't ended the problem the errant consultant is causing her in Pennsylvania, Bloomberg reports. Unions supporting Barack Obama have pounced on the strategist's advocacy of a Colombian free-trade deal, calling him pro-business and anti-worker. "She has to sever completely with... More »

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