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Oscar Acting Nominees Are All White

Again. Plus, a rundown of the snubs

(Newser) - Once again , every single one of the 20 actors nominated for an Oscar this year is white. The Hollywood Reporter points out a number of minority actors who were overlooked, including Benicio Del Toro in Sicario and Idris Elba in Beasts of No Nation, both of whom were nominated... More »

A Guide to Today's Biggest Oscar Snubs

Selma, Lego...

(Newser) - The Oscar nominations come once a year, and so too the avalanche of stories on the biggest snubs. But in terms of 2015 , Richard Lawson at Vanity Fair puts it thusly: "Don’t the nominations this year feel so wrong?" Our roundup of this year's particularly vocal snub-coverage:... More »

Luxe Hotel Mistakenly CC's Couple on Snooty Rejection

They're not our 'type of people,' says errant email

(Newser) - A British couple who wanted to have their wedding at a ritzy five-star hotel found out in a not-so-pleasant way it wasn't going to happen—the hotel's wedding planner sent off this email to her boss and accidentally cc'd the couple:
  • "I know this probably doesn'
... More »

Bruins Goalie Disses Obama ... Over Size of Government

Tim Thomas skips out on White House visit

(Newser) - All-star goalie Tim Thomas skipped out on a visit to the White House with the rest of his Stanley Cup-winning Boston Bruins yesterday, snubbing President Obama's offer of congratulations because he's not happy with the size of the federal government. "I believe the Federal government has grown... More »

Jan Brewer: White House 'Snubbed' Me

Arizona guv would have appreciated invite to immigration reform meeting

(Newser) - The White House must've, er, forgotten to invite Jan Brewer—champion of Arizona's controversial immigration law—to its roundtable on immigration reform yesterday, and she considers that "truly a snub." Said Brewer last night on Fox News: "You would have thought one of the governors... More »

Snub? Boehner Skips Third Obama Invite

Nope, say aides, he just doesn't like formal occasions

(Newser) - Funny thing happens when you become House speaker: Everyone starts parsing your every move for hidden meaning. Such is the case with John Boehner's rejection of President Obama's invite to the state dinner tonight with Hu Jintao. For the record, that's the third official presidential invitation he's declined, including receptions... More »

Obama Plan to Skip Some Nobel Events Riles Norway

President nixes traditional activities like lunch with king

(Newser) - While perhaps it’s a bit much to expect President Obama to attend a kiddie peace presentation while he’s in Oslo to accept the Nobel Peace Prize, the fact that Obama begged off lunch with King Harald—and a host of other Nobel-related events—has Norwegians fuming. The Norwegian... More »

Charles to Sub for Miffed Queen on D-Day

Sarkozy invites prince to commemoration after snub uproar

(Newser) - Prince Charles will attend the 65th commemoration of D-Day in France, celebrating the occasion alongside Nicolas Sarkozy and Barack Obama, the Times of London reports. Earlier, it appeared that no member of the royal family would be invited, a snub that left Queen Elizabeth decidedly unamused. Sources say Charles, a... More »

Carter Gives Clinton the Cold Shoulder

Ex-presidents, in longtime feud, frostily ignore each other

(Newser) - The bad feeling between Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter was on display today as the two ex-presidents ignored each other on the way to the inaugural platform, ABC reports. Carter greeted Barbara and George HW Bush warmly but walked straight past Bill and Hillary. The feud goes back to 1980,... More »

Obama, Clinton Skip Courtesies

Congratulations are out, while stepping on toes is in for 2008

(Newser) - Perhaps the super-long primary season has made candidates forgetful, but the Democrats were not at their most courteous last night, as Hillary Clinton failed to congratulate Barack Obama on his Wisconsin victory, and Obama took the stage in Texas while Clinton was still speaking in Ohio. No rules govern either... More »

Sniping Heats Up as Obama Calls Clinton a 'Step Back'

Invokes White House rerun as negative

(Newser) - He claims he didn't snub her at the State of the Union, but Barack Obama was definitely on offense against Hillary Clinton yesterday, arguing that another Clinton in the White House would be a step backward, AP reports. "I know it is tempting, after another presidency by a man... More »

Clinton-Obama Iciness Has a Little History

Hillary's been snubbing Barack for a while now, Dowd writes

(Newser) - Contrary to his claims, Barack Obama did indeed snub his presidential rival Monday, writes the New York Times' Maureen Dowd—who’s not surprised, given the long, untold tale of Clinton coldness to the Illinois senator. It began when friendly Obama, fresh from revealing he might run, was “brushed... More »

Obama Snubs Clinton at State of the Union

Dem political theater overshadows Bush's lame-duck address

(Newser) - Forget President Bush's last hurrah, it was Barack Obama’s snub of Hillary Clinton that had the press box chattering last night, reports the Chicago Tribune. After greeting seemingly the entire room, including the Supreme Court and the Joint Chiefs, Obama was standing by his seat next to Ted Kennedy... More »

Vogue Editor Strikes Back at Clinton

Wintour chides candidate for canceling magazine photo shoot

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton apparently hasn't seen The Devil Wears Prada. Vogue editor Anna Wintour, reputedly the inspiration for the title character, tongue-lashes the presidential hopeful in the February issue for backing out of the cover shoot, Women’s Wear Daily reports. According to Wintour, Clinton "decided to steer clear of... More »

After Gaffes, Queen Hopes to Placate Saudis

Miliband 'snub' latest snag in King Abdullah's rocky UK trip

(Newser) - Queen Elizabeth will have to put on a brave face when she welcomes Saudi King Abdullah today, following yesterday's gaffe-filled beginning to his London visit. Abdullah's widely reported outburst over the 7/7 attacks left Downing Street open-mouthed, writes the Times of London, but then Britain's foreign secretary skipped a meeting... More »

Chinese Prez to Snub Left, Right in 2nd Term

Walks path of 'stability' as delegates pour into Beijing for debates

(Newser) - Thousands of delegates are pouring into Beijing for this week's political debates, but the Washington Post says the debate is over: President Hu Jintao will keep walking a safe middle path in his next 5-year term. Once deemed a candidate to open China's one-party system, Hu has ignored calls for... More »

Fred to Appear in Debate — for 30 Seconds

Rivals cast Thompson’s TV ad as NH snub on announcement eve

(Newser) - Fred Thompson will run his first TV ad during tonight’s GOP debate in New Hampshire, and his rivals are taking advantage of one last chance to chide the non-candidate before he officially joins the race tomorrow. Mitt Romney’s spokesman is encouraging Granite State voters to feel neglected: “... More »

Iran's Jews Snub Israel's Offer of Cash for Emigration

Offers were for $10,000 a person

(Newser) - Iran's Jews collectively rebuffed a $10K-per-person cash offer from Israel seeking their emigration, extended by a group of wealthy expats. "The identity of Iranian Jews is not tradable for any amount of money," says the spokesman for the country's Jews. More »

Corporate Donors Snub McCain

It's payback time for a career as Senate ethics reformer

(Newser) - John McCain is lagging far behind his GOP primary rivals in fundraising, in part because he's alienated so many big corporate donors in his Senate career. All that straight talk about minimizing the influence of money on politics has taken its toll, the New York Times notes. One defense industry... More »

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