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Budweiser to Paramount: Take Our Beer Out of Flight

Alcoholic pilot drinks a Bud while flying

(Newser) - It's not often that you hear of brands clamoring to be taken out of films, but that's exactly what's happening with Budweiser in Paramount's Flight , which stars Denzel Washington as a high-functioning alcoholic pilot. There's a lot of booze in the movie, including a scene... More »

Critics Sold on Greatest Movie

Morgan Spurlock helms documentary on advertising

(Newser) - Morgan Spurlock, the guy behind Super Size Me, calls his latest documentary—an exploration of our ad-obsessed culture—The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. And critics seem to agree:
  • Spurlock “has this habit of making documentaries that come hidden in the Trojan horse of silly and then stab at your
... More »

10 Most Obvious Movie Product Placements

And there are probably a lot more to come

(Newser) - Iron Man 2—with its “$100 million marketing bonanza” featuring tie-ins and cross-promotions with Burger King, Dr. Pepper, Audi, 7-Eleven, and more—proves that “selling out has officially become the way to get movies made,” writes Jo Piazza on PopEater . With that in mind, the 10 most... More »

NBC's Eco-Love Could Make You Green

'Behavior placement' goes beyond product placement

(Newser) - Tune into NBC Universal the week of April 19th and you'll see characters recycling, reducing their carbon footprints, and eating organic food. This semi-annual week of 100 hours of eco-friendly programming is part of the network's "behavior placement" strategy, which drives ad sales by inserting a feel-good theme into... More »

Lady Gaga Video Has Lots of... Product Placement

From Miracle Whip to a dating site, which paid and which didn't

(Newser) - It made headlines for its salacious, possibly-banned-from-MTV content—but Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video is also garnering attention for its remarkable number of product placements. “If Michael Jackson was making 'Thriller’” in this day and age, “he would do this, too. These million-dollar music videos have... More »

Lady Gaga, Master Advertiser

Bad Romance video is 'QVC Channel you can dance to'

(Newser) - Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance video is strikingly artsy for pop music. But along with high-art aspirations, the video offers bald, unashamed commercialism: It has no fewer than 10 product placements. Gaga and crew make use of an iPod, Philippe Starck Parrot wireless speakers, Nemiroff vodka, Heartbeats earphones, Carrera sunglasses,... More »

Shine a Light on Sneaky TV Product Placement

Do you know when you're being sold something?

(Newser) - You can tell when you’re watching a commercial, right? Not at all, writes NE Marsden , and that’s a huge problem. A new FTC measure seeks to expose the practice of paid consideration—“stealth advertising” is a better phrase—online by requiring bloggers and marketers to disclose remuneration,... More »

FTC Warns Bloggers on 'Reviewing' Freebies

New media critics must come clean or risk fine

(Newser) - Bloggers, Tweeters, and Facebookers who receive payments or free products from companies and in turn hype or review them—without mentioning the arrangement—could be on the hook for $11,000 in FTC fines. The commission’s new regulations offer clear guidelines on the responsibilities of reviewers working in new... More »

ABC Bets You Can Laugh at Recession

Sitcom pilots follow a failed Wall Street exec, fired young bankers

(Newser) - Have you heard the one about the Wall Street millionaire who lost his job because of the collapsing economy, then had to actually hang out with his family?  ABC is hoping you will want to next fall, when Kelsey Grammer will star as that modern-day Mr. Mom. The untitled project... More »

Under Armour Masters Product Placement

From sports to film and TV, firm goes beyond advertising

(Newser) - There was a time when Baltimore sportswear maker Under Armour had to pay for advertising. No more, the Sun reports: its distinctive opposing-U shape has become ubiquitous in film and TV, prominently displayed in productions from Any Given Sunday to The Wire. During the first 3 months of 2008, Under... More »

This Season's Hot Accessory: The Movie Tie-In

Sex and the City cottage industries look more like penthouses

(Newser) - For the innumerable entities cashing in on Sex and the City, the movie due out Friday is the tip of the multimillion-dollar iceberg, reports Forbes. New Line Cinema, which has tie-in deals with eight companies, compares the likely blockbuster to “the Super Bowl for women.” Other high-end beneficiaries... More »

NBC Ditching Fall Debuts

Peacock plans to stagger show introductions throughout the year

(Newser) - NBC appears to have followed through on pledges to use the writers' strike as a springboard to changing the television industry, ditching traditional fall debuts of new shows for staggered introductions throughout the year. The move is designed so the network can keep things fresh, and work more closely with... More »

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