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This Is How Much the Average American Weighs

197.9 pounds for men, 170.6 pounds for women—30 pounds more than in the early '60s

(Newser) - Everyone might want to get a head start on their New Year's resolutions to shed a few pounds. Per CNN , a new report from the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics shows Americans are shrinking—the average height for men (5-9) and women (5-4) decreased slightly from 1999-2000... More »

The Potential Issue With 'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Parenting

'Nicer' parent may not be able to compensate for the 'meaner' one

(Newser) - When a child has an overbearing parent, it's bound to be stressful, and it may even spur a "good cop, bad cop" dynamic between parents. But a new study published in Social Science and Medicine suggests that not only is such severe parenting linked to an increased risk... More »

8th-Grader Refuses to Share Her 'Perfect' BMI

She instead pens an essay arguing the index is outdated

(Newser) - An Indiana 8th-grader's refusal to complete a school project as assigned is making headlines . The unnamed girl was asked to calculate her body mass index and give the definition for BMI , which is found by multiplying one's weight by 703 and dividing by squared height in inches. But... More »

Airline Has Bad News for 'Fat' Workers

Air India wants its cabin crew to be in shape

(Newser) - Air India has bad news for crew members it deems "overweight": Time for you to find a new job. The airline is planning to cut 125 workers after warning several hundred of them last year that it was time to get in shape, the BBC reports. Those who didn'... More »

Here's How Much Weight Marriage Packs On

4.5 pounds in Europeans of average height: researchers

(Newser) - Marriage doesn't just add to your happiness , but also to your waistline, according to a new study. But singles shouldn't boast just yet. German and Swiss researchers surveyed 10,226 people in nine European countries on their marital status and body mass index—a health indicator based on... More »

Morning Light Could Be Key to Weight Loss

Light exposure kick-starts metabolism

(Newser) - Getting a good dose of early morning light on a regular basis appears to be a simple but remarkably effective way of maintaining a healthy weight, according to a groundbreaking new study. Researchers found that regardless of caloric intake, people who had more early light exposure were the most likely... More »

Facing Fat Test, US Troops Use ... Liposuction

Stocky service members fight for their very careers

(Newser) - Don't be surprised to see US troops lining up at your nearest plastic surgeon's office—they're probably terrified of failing the Pentagon's body fat test, the AP reports. "They come in panicked about being kicked out or getting a demerit that will hurt their chances... More »

Roads Are Deadlier for Obese Drivers

Risk of crash death soars with driver weight

(Newser) - Obesity can be deadly even behind the wheel, according to a new study. Researchers examined thousands of crashes involving similar-sized vehicles and found that obese people were more likely to die in crashes than people of normal weight, with the risk of death increasing along with one's body mass... More »

The Slightly Fat Live Longer

But quality of life not as good, experts warn

(Newser) - Being obese is likely to take years off your life, but those who are just a bit overweight actually appear to have a lower risk of premature death than those of normal weight, according to a startling new study. Researchers crunched the numbers on studies involving nearly 3 million people... More »

Unnatural Sleep Schedules Can Make You Fat

People who disrupt biological clocks have higher BMIs

(Newser) - Your alarm clock could be making you flabby, suggests new research. People who force themselves to maintain schedules that are different from their natural sleep routines are more likely to put on the pounds, reports LiveScience . Researchers collected data from more than 65,000 Europeans and found that for every... More »

BMI Says You're Not Obese? Well, You Might Be Anyway

New study suggests new, pricier procedure to determine obesity

(Newser) - Feeling pretty good about yourself because, according to your BMI, you're not obese? Well, a new study finds that you may have reason to worry after all: Researchers used a new, and supposedly more accurate, standard for detecting obesity—a person's ratio of fat to lean muscle mass—... More »

Malaysia to Grade Students on Their Weight

Move is designed to curb obesity

(Newser) - Soon, if you want to be an "A" student in Malaysia, you'll have to study and exercise hard. Schools across the country will add students' body mass index alongside their usual grades in a bid to curb childhood obesity, the country's health minister says. The move is... More »

More Than 10% of Planet's Adults Obese

Study also find US has highest BMI among high-income countries

(Newser) - Almost half a billion adults—10% of the adult population worldwide—were obese as of 2008, a new study finds. That’s nearly twice the 1980 rate, reports Scientific American . On average, each decade has seen a body mass index inch up 0.4 to an average of 23.8... More »

Black Women Can Have Bigger Waists, Still Be Healthy

By two measures, black women could be bigger without raising health risk

(Newser) - Black women can have larger waistlines and be larger in general than white women and still be relatively healthy, according to new research.The study of 6,400 volunteers examined abdominal obesity and body-mass index and found that black women had higher thresholds than white women for both measures before... More »

10 Extra Pounds Might Be Good

New research is focusing less on the bathroom scale

(Newser) - Those carrying 10 to 15 extra pounds might be able to stop feeling guilty about the bathroom scale. A spate of studies show a little extra weight isn't such a bad thing, the Wall Street Journal concludes. In fact, it might even ward off diseases such as osteoporosis and help... More »

Japanese Women Are Skinny, Think They're Fat

Media ideal and stiff competition leads to wacky body image

(Newser) - “I think I am very fat,” a 40-year-old Japanese woman of normal weight whose BMI is verging on “thin” tells the Wall Street Journal , and that’s the story all over the island nation. Japan continues to be the thinnest industrialized nation, and its women have gotten... More »

Obese Americans Now Outnumber Overweight

Over a third of adults classed as one step up the scale from overweight

(Newser) - Americans who are merely overweight are now outnumbered by the obese, Reuters reports. New government statistics reveal that 34% of adults are obese and almost 6% extremely so, whereas 32.7% are classed as overweight. The proportion of Americans who are overweight has stayed much the same since 1980—but... More »

Psst, Fat Boy: Uncle Sam Wants You

Military tells recruits with high BMI that they can sign up now, lose weight later

(Newser) - To reel in more recruits, the US Army is relaxing weight restrictions on would-be soldiers. A waiver program gives outsize volunteers a year after signing up to get in shape, measured by body-mass index, or be booted, the Christian Science Monitor reports. With the youthful population consuming more and exercising... More »

That Extra 7lbs May Be Deadly

Study says modest weight gains risky

(Newser) - Even being slightly overweight can seriously increase the risk of heart problems, Reuters reports. A 20-year study of roughly 20,000 male doctors in the US found that every 7 pounds of excess body weight upped the risk of heart failure by 11%. The fatal condition, in which the heart... More »

Rabid Fans Have Bad Diets

Sports fanatics less healthy than non-fans, study finds

(Newser) - This just in: Sports fanatics like beer and fatty food. A University of Arkansas study has found that rabid fans are less healthy than people who don't care about sports, the Los Angeles Times reports. And the bigger the fanatic, "the more likely they are to consume more... More »

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