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Shoddy Bomb Left Scads of Clues

'This guy left everything here but his wallet'

(Newser) - The botched Times Square attack left police with an unexploded bomb and an unusual amount of evidence. “He left more clues than a guy walking into a bank to rob it without a mask," one bomb expert says. "This guy left everything here but his wallet.”... More »

10 Board Games Still Fun for Adults

Let's be honest, Risk and Monopoly were never for kids anyway

(Newser) - You probably loved board games as a kid—and guess what? Some of them are still fun now. Ten of the best, courtesy of teagueb at LikeMe :
  1. Payday: It never got as popular as the similar LIFE, but it’s even cooler because it’s measured in real time—meaning
... More »

Board Games Set for Turn on Big Screen

Monopoly, Candy Land to follow in steps of Transformers , Toy Story

(Newser) - Paramount has the rights to any Transformers sequels, but a new deal with toymaker Hasbro guarantees Universal Pictures sole access to nearly all the company's iconic brands, including board games. The studio is said to be developing a Monopoly film, and a new live-action version of the game Clue may... More »

3 Stories