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Colbert Quits Super PAC Game

But learns how to keep the money

(Newser) - Stephen Colbert spent a lot of time hawking his super PAC, but in the end, he admits it was all for naught. And after taking all that money from "anonymous, scary donors," Colbert feared repercussions, he said on last night's Colbert Report. After trying to blame his... More »

Colbert Making Supreme Court Look Stupid

Dahlia Lithwick says court is ill-equipped to deal with comedy

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has had plenty of powerful foils over the years, like Andrew Jackson and FDR, "but in the history of the Supreme Court, nothing has ever prepared the justices for the public opinion wrecking ball that is Stephen Colbert," writes Dahlia Lithwick at Slate . With his... More »

Feds Taking Closer Look at McCain Loan

Could lock him into matching funds— and $54M limit

(Newser) - Today just isn’t John McCain’s day. The Federal Elections Commission says it may not allow the presumptive Republican nominee to drop out of the federal matching funds program, because he used it as collateral for a $4 million loan he took out to fund his cash-strapped primary campaign... More »

3 Stories