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We're Close on AIDS: Don't Blow It Now, America

Bono, George W. Bush warn against the US pulling back

(Newser) - Two big names—Bono and George W. Bush—weigh in on World AIDS Day, both with the general theme that tremendous progress has been made in the last decade but that it won't matter if the world, specifically the US, gets complacent now. Some highlights:
  • Bono: How did all
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Bush's Unsung AIDS Policy

Under-the-radar program saves millions in Africa

(Newser) - A little known, $19-billion program has provided medicine to 1.4 million AIDS-stricken Africans and may be President Bush's most enduring success story, the New York Times reports.  “I’m amazed at how little (Americans) know about Pepfar,” said one Ugandan doctor of the program. Africans are... More »

Bush Asks Congress to Double AIDS Effort

Calls for $30 billion over 5 years, after he's out of office

(Newser) - President Bush wants to double the funding of a U.S. program that battles the global AIDS crisis. Bush will ask Congress today to commit $30 billion over the next five years after the current program expires in 2008. The extra cash could save the lives of 1.5 million... More »

3 Stories