Irish Catholics

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Vatican Stonewalled Irish Sex-Abuse Investigation

Holy See was 'offended' by Dublin's request for info

(Newser) - Ireland's 2009 sex-abuse commission was an excruciating national cleansing—but when the Vatican was called on to help air the clergy's part in the scandal it balked, refusing to let its officials testify. The Holy See even went so far as say many were "offended" by requests for information,... More »

Benedict to Ireland's Pedophile Priests: Submit Yourselves

In letter, pontiff apologizes to victims, blasts bishops, opens inquiry

(Newser) - Pope Benedict XVI rebuked Irish bishops for "grave errors of judgment" in handling clerical sex abuse and ordered a Vatican investigation into the Irish church to wipe out the scourge. Benedict used his harshest words for the abusers themselves: "Conceal nothing," he exhorted them today in a... More »

Sex-Abuse Report Shames Ireland, Church

Writer lauds harrowing report of violence against children

(Newser) - The massive report released yesterday documenting the systematic abuse of children in Irish Catholic schools and institutions is "a monument to the shameful nature of Irish society throughout most of the decades of the 20th century," writes Mary Raftery in the Irish Times. The painstaking disclosure of physical... More »

Top N. Ireland Minister Will Step Down

Paisley played key role in power-sharing, peace agreements

(Newser) - Northern Ireland’s influential first minister, Ian Paisley, will step down in May, Reuters reports. The Protestant evangelist, 81, helped soothe religious strife in the province when he agreed to share power with Catholics last year after decades of fueling the conflict, the AP reports. "I've achieved my aims,... More »

St. Patty's, Holy Week Collide

Some Irish organizations reschedule parades from Palm Sunday; others stand firm

(Newser) - This year’s calendar sees St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) falling during the week preceding Easter, which has caused most organizers to move parades forward to avoid forcing Irish Catholics to choose between heritage and the church's Holy Week, the Boston Globe reports. South Boston planners, however, refused to... More »

5 Stories