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Netanyahu Lands Deal for New Coalition

His Likud party joins centrist, far-right groups: reports

(Newser) - Nearly two months after Israel's Jan. 22 parliamentary election , PM Benjamin Netanyahu has arrived at a coalition-government deal, party officials say. "There is a government," says a rep for Netanyahu's Likud party. It involves the right-wing party joining forces with the centrist Yesh Atid party, the... More »

Syrian Coalition OKs New Gov't, Rebels Grab Nuke Plant

Leader will be chosen within 10 days: coalition member

(Newser) - Syria's leading opposition group agreed today to establish a transitional government at the same time rebels said they had taken over the nuclear facility that Israel bombed in 2007, the Jerusalem Post reports. A top member of the Syrian National Coalition said the group will choose a leader within... More »

Netanyahu Announces Early Elections

His coalition government won't be able to agree on budget, he believes

(Newser) - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that national elections will be held within three months—some eight months ahead of schedule—because he knows his conservative coalition government won't be able to agree on a budget. "For the benefit of Israel," the elections will be held "... More »

Israel's New Unity Government Collapses

Draft dispute leads to dissolution

(Newser) - The unity government formed scarcely more than two months ago in Israel has already dissolved, thanks to a disagreement over a proposed universal draft law. The coalition has been trying for weeks to figure out how to draft more Arab citizens and ultra-Orthodox Jews, the New York Times reports. A... More »

Talks Fail, Greece to Hold New Elections

Caretaker government to be named tomorrow

(Newser) - Greece's post-electoral paralysis has been broken. The solution? New elections! Political leaders today announced that the ninth day of talks has failed to produce a deal. There was a sliver of hope going into the morning, as President Karolos Papoulias met with five political party leaders to propose a... More »

Belgians Strip to Protest Government Deadlock

Lawmakers set world record for indecision: 249 days (as of yesterday)

(Newser) - The sex strike didn't work, and Belgians remain frustrated. The country is still without a government and, as of yesterday, lawmakers had been bickering over forming a coalition for a world record-setting 249 days, the Telegraph reports. Protests have been becoming ever more creative, with people growing long beards, dressing... More »

Senator: To Break Deadlock, Don't Sleep With Politicians

Marleen Temmerman urges politicians' partners to say 'no coalition, no sex'

(Newser) - Would Belgium's politicians have dithered over forming a government for 241 days if they weren't getting any? Socialist senator Marleen Temmerman thinks not. She has urged the bed partners of the country's politicians to "keep their legs closed" until the deadlock is broken and a coalition government is finally... More »

Sunni Bloc Walks Out on Iraqi Parliament

Coalition deal in jeopardy

(Newser) - Iraq’s political compromise didn’t last long. Ayad Allawi’s predominantly Sunni Iraqiya party walked out of a parliament session intended to unite it in a coalition government with Nouri al-Maliki’s State of Law party yesterday, the New York Times reports, after it failed to force votes on... More »

Cameron, Clegg Scramble to Form UK Government

Election leaves Liberal Dems in driver's seat

(Newser) - Britain's winner-less election has left both the Conservatives and the Labour Party furiously negotiating with and sucking up to Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrat party, with papers just as furiously live-blogging the comings and goings. Though they actually lost seats, the Liberal Dems have the power to determine who becomes prime... More »

Tsvangirai Boycotts Unity Government in Zimbabwe

But he's not pulling out of the coalition just yet

(Newser) - Zimbabwe PM Morgan Tsvangirai’s party will boycott Cabinet meetings and cut off communication with president Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF, theoretically its partner in government. The move accompanies growing anger among members of Tsvangirai’s MDC over Mugabe’s strong-arm tactics and the jailing of a Cabinet minister-designate, the New ... More »

Kenya Feels Betrayed by 'Brother Barack'

US practices diplomatic tough love

(Newser) - Kenyans adore Barack Obama, affectionately calling him “Brother Barack,” but they’re starting to get the feeling he doesn’t love them back. The Obama administration has been far harder on Kenya diplomatically than its predecessor, Time reports. Last week Washington threatened to keep 15 senior officials from... More »

Kenyan Women Use Sex Strike to Sway Politics

They want political rivals to stop infighting

(Newser) - Kenyan women are withholding sex in hopes of forcing an end to the squabbling that threatens to break the government's fragile coalition and plunge the nation into chaos, the AP reports. Thousands of members of 11 women's groups are participating in the week-long strike, and they have asked the wives... More »

Labor Party Set to Join Far-Right Israeli Gov't

Barak signs deal with Netanyahu, but party members may rebel

(Newser) - Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister-designate, has reached a deal with Ehud Barak that would see Barak's center-left Labor Party join an otherwise hard-right coalition, reports Haaretz. Barak, a former PM, is expected to retain his current post of defense minister in the new government. But Labor is divided over... More »

Zimbabwe Sees Hope as Mugabe's Grip Weakens

Bread is affordable, kids go to school—but there's a long way to go

(Newser) - Gains are fragile and much work remains, but opposition lawmakers in Zimbabwe's new coalition government finally see hope that they can weaken Robert Mugabe and put the nation on track, the New York Times reports. Donor nations are pressuring for better economic policies, a free press, and other reforms, and... More »

Leftist Party Could Join Israel Government

Netanyahu gets more time as Labor debates joining coalition

(Newser) - Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister-designate of Israel, has been given an extra two weeks to form a government after a breakthrough in talks with Ehud Barak, the leader of the Labor Party and the country's outgoing defense minister. While Netanyahu has been ready to complete his right-wing cabinet this week,... More »

Ultranationalist Will Be Israel's Foreign Minister

Coalition deal to make Avigdor Lieberman country's top diplomat

(Newser) - Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister-designate of Israel, signed a deal last night that will see hard-right politician Avigdor Lieberman become the country's foreign minister. As Haaretz reports, Lieberman's Yisrael Beiteinu party will receive several other major portfolios in the new government, including internal security. Lieberman advocates forcing Arab Israelis to... More »

Livni Running Out of Options, and Time

Seems unlikely vote winner will become Israel's next PM

(Newser) - Though her party nabbed first place in Tuesday's Israeli election, Tzipi Livni seems to have shelved her long-shot effort to become the country's next prime minister. The question that remains, writes the Los Angeles Times, is whether she will join forces with Benjamin Netanyahu or go into opposition. "Livni,... More »

Israeli Rivals Move Toward Consensus

Livni will join a Netanyahu-led government, parties say

(Newser) - While Israel's two possible leaders continued negotiations with smaller parties, a consensus has grown that Likud and Kadima will join forces in a national unity government. According to senior sources in both parties, Benjamin Netanyahu will serve as prime minister, while Tzipi Livni will remain foreign minister. Haaretz also suggests... More »

Finance Crisis Topples Iceland's Gov't

Leftist party likely to replace coalition; protests growing

(Newser) - Iceland’s coalition government collapsed today amid financial upheaval, with PM Geir Haarde planning to resign. “I really regret that we could not continue with this coalition. I believe that that would have been the best result,” he said. The coalition had been in turmoil since October, when... More »

Canadian Opposition Moves to Sink Righty Gov't

Harper's Tories in rout weeks after re-election

(Newser) - Canada’s main opposition parties have reached an unprecedented deal to topple the Conservative government, only weeks after it won re-election, reports the Globe and Mail. PM Stephen Harper infuriated rivals by attempting to end public support for political parties under the veil of an economic stimulus bill. The Liberals,... More »

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