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Couple Wins 'Squatters' Rights' to Neighbor's Yard

Elderly couple has been tending the yard for 12 years

(Newser) - They say fences make good neighbors, but that definitely wasn't true for Hilary and Edward Kirkby. The British couple, who are 72 and 70, respectively, have spent the past 12 years tending to a stretch of yard in front of their Yorkshire home, which they bought in 1999. That... More »

Brazilian Busted in Murder of US Nun Nabbed on Slavery Charges

Dorothy Stang's slaying was subject of movie

(Newser) - A Brazilian rancher facing charges in the death of a 73-year-old American nun has been arrested again for fraud and slavery in the same Amazon region where the nun was shot three years ago, reports CNN. Evidence supporting the latest charges will be used at his murder trial. Four others... More »

NRA Guilty of Poor Aim in Fla. Guns-at-Work Case

Second Amendment does not trump property rights for private companies

(Newser) - Florida’s "take your guns to work” law seems like it’s upholding the right to bear arms (which is what the National Rifle Association wants us to believe), but in fact it’s a violation of property rights, Steve Chapman argues in Reason. The law allows permit-holders to... More »

Why It's Time to Sell the Moon

Lunar property rights can save the space program

(Newser) - The moon isn't up for sale—but it should be, argues Glenn Harlan Reynolds in Popular Mechanics. Dishing out lunar property rights would boost the stagnating government space program, and the interest is proven: One enterprising American has already sold 500 million "novelty" acres of the moon at about... More »

Students Sue for Homework

(Newser) - Four teenage students are suing an antiplagiarism website for the rights to their schoolwork, arguing that they were forced to turn over original work without compensation, the Christian Science Monitor reports. When their school adopted an antiplagiarism service called Turnitin, students were required to submit essays to be stored and... More »

China Embraces Private Property

Bill reassures urban middle class, decried by advocates of the poor

(Newser) - China's burgeoning middle class will be feeling a little more secure next week, when the National People's Congress is expected to pass the country's first property-rights bill. The measure has become a lightening rod for criticism of China’s leadership, with communists using it as evidence that the government is... More »

6 Stories