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Lives Get Shorter for Less Educated Whites

For those with no high school diploma, it drops 4 years

(Newser) - The life expectancy of less educated whites decreased dramatically between 1990 and 2008: Four years on average, with three for men and a whopping five for women, a study finds. "We’re used to looking at groups and complaining that their mortality rates haven’t improved fast enough, but... More »

Black Women Heavier, Happier With Bodies

66% of overweight or obese black women report having high self-esteem

(Newser) - Hefty can be heavenly. That seems to be the feeling of many black women. While they tend to be heavier than white women, they're significantly happier with their bodies, a Washington Post /Kaiser Family Foundation survey has discovered. While only 41% of average-sized or thin white women report having... More »

Essence Hires White Editor; Uproar Ensues

But black women's magazine will not change course

(Newser) - Essence is a magazine “seen as the ultimate fashion and lifestyle title for black women,” writes Keith J. Kelly in the New York Post . So what is it doing hiring a white fashion director? That’s what the founding fashion director of Vibe wants to know, writing on... More »

White Actress Cast as African Queen—Again

Despite her 'full lips,' Angelina Jolie is no Cleopatra

(Newser) - Why is Angelina Jolie, a white woman, playing Cleopatra , an African queen? “Just when we thought there weren't enough leading roles for black women in Hollywood , they create one and give it to a white woman,” writes Shirea L. Carroll for Essence . “I don't care how full... More »

Atlanta May Elect 1st White Mayor in 36 Years

Frontrunner Mary Norwood vows to fix the city's accounting mess

(Newser) - A simple focus on accounting is poised to radically—read: racially—change the politics of Atlanta . In a majority-black city that hasn’t had a white mayor in 36 years, a Caucasian city councilwoman from a tony neighborhood has a commanding lead in the polls. Mary Norwood has promised... More »

Breast Cancer Death in Blacks Linked to Genes

Advocates now worry environmental, social factors will be ignored

(Newser) - The higher risk of death from breast cancer for black women may depend more on differences of biology than environmental factors, the Baltimore Sun reports. Research shows that black women are up to 49% more likely to die from the disease than white women, even when patients receive the same... More »

Blue-Collar White Women Shift to Obama

Economic worries overcome key group's reservations about Obama

(Newser) - America's "Jane Sixpacks" are leaning toward the Democratic ticket in growing numbers, the Wall Street Journal reports. White, working-class women voters make up nearly a quarter of the electorate, and polls are finding that the economic crisis is convincing more voters in this vital group to back Barack Obama,... More »

Palin Lifts McCain Among White Women

Gender gap shrinks as VP pick causes shift

(Newser) - John McCain has made huge strides with female voters since choosing Sarah Palin, says a new poll reported. Before tapping his running mate, McCain trailed Barack Obama 52% to 18% on the question of which candidate better understands “women and what is important to them,” Politico reports, deconstructing... More »

Facing Palin, 6 Women's Groups Endorse Obama

NOW gives Dem its first nod since Ferraro

(Newser) - Six women's rights groups endorsed Barack Obama for president yesterday, asserting the historic selection of Sarah Palin does not make up for John McCain's lack of support on issues important to women. One of those groups was the National Organization for Women, which has not endorsed a presidential candidate since... More »

'Wal-Mart Mom' Voters Swing, Will Be Crucial

Shift of working white women to GOP spells trouble for Obama

(Newser) - Polls clearly show the white women's vote swinging away from Barack Obama and it's a particular group the candidate needs to worry about most, Karen Tumulty writes in Time. Soccer moms comprised the key swing group in 1996, and "security moms" did last election, Tumulty notes. This time, it's... More »

McCain, Obama in Dead Heat: Poll

Gains among white women give GOP momentum

(Newser) - The John McCain/Sarah Palin ticket has all but wiped out Barack Obama's lead, according to a Washington Post/ABCNews poll. White women voters now back McCain by a 12% margin, a sharp change from Obama's 8% edge among the same voters before the conventions. They view McCain as being better able... More »

Poll Sees Texas Dead Heat, Slight Clinton Lead in Ohio

Races close ahead of March 4 primaries

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are running neck and neck in Texas, while Clinton holds a significant but tenuous lead in Ohio, according to a Washington Post-ABC News Poll. Heading into the crucial March 4 primaries, Clinton leads Obama 48% to 47% in Texas, and 50% to 43% in Ohio... More »

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