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Reveal About Usain Bolt's Stride Upends Sprinting Science

Jamaican runner has an uneven stride, perhaps due to scoliosis

(Newser) - You'd think a smooth, even gait would ensure the fastest running speeds for elite athletes—but researchers who studied the world's fastest man have found that, at least in his case, symmetry doesn't matter. Per the New York Times , scientists from Southern Methodist University in Dallas released... More »

4-Year-Old's Big Find in Texas: a Dinosaur

Wylie Brys discovered what may be a 100M-year-old nodosaur

(Newser) - Imagine being a 4-year-old boy who loves dinosaurs, digging in the dirt, and spending time with your dad. For Wylie Brys, those three passions intertwined for the best day ever last September when he made an astounding discovery behind a shopping center in Mansfield, Texas: the fossil of what scientists... More »

Best Quotes From the Bush Library Dedication

'We made the tough decisions,' says George W.

(Newser) - George W. Bush's presidential library got its formal dedication today in Dallas, with all five living presidents making the trip. "Oh happy day," Bush said as he took the stage. "41, it is awesome that you are here today," continued the man of honor in... More »

Suspect's Plunge Ends Dallas Crane Siege

Robbery suspect held cops at bay for 14 hours

(Newser) - A man who claimed to be armed spent 14 hours holed up in the cab of a 150-foot-high construction crane in Dallas before falling to his death. The man, believed to be a robbery suspect fleeing police, had climbed into the cab on the campus of Southern Methodist University, and,... More »

Bush Warns of 'Too Much' Government

But he doesn't mention Obama by name

(Newser) - George Bush has promised to steer clear of criticizing his successor's policies, but he seemed to come awfully close yesterday during a speech at SMU. "As the world recovers, we will face a temptation to replace the risk-and-reward model of the private sector with the blunt instruments of government... More »

Since Leaving Office, Bush Raises $1M a Day for Library

Dubya raises funds faster than predecessors

(Newser) - George W. Bush has amassed over $100 million in donations for the construction of a presidential library at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Time reports, with most coming since he left office. Bush has tapped into his campaign donor network to hit the estimated $300 million cost for the project,... More »

They Weren't Such 'Neanderthals'

Early man brighter than suspected, researchers find

(Newser) - Neanderthals were just as smart as their stone-age rivals, the latest research into the roots of mankind concludes. Scientific teams who learned how to make and use Neanderthal tools found their technology just as efficient as that used by Homo sapiens, reports the Independent. The study runs counter to theories... More »

Who's Funding Bush's Library?

Money coming in during presidency raises concerns over quid pro quo

(Newser) - President Bush's coy refusal to name the mystery donors helping to erect his $200 million presidential library is problematic, writes David Corn in Mother Jones' MoJo blog. Though the law doesn't require him to reveal names, his actions raise serious ethical questions. "What's problematic is the prospect of a... More »

George W. Bush Library Finds a Home in Texas

SMU will host presidential library, think-tank

(Newser) - George W. Bush's presidential library will be built at Southern Methodist University, the Dallas Morning News reports. The First Lady's alma mater has had its eyes on that prize since just after Bush took office. "It took us 71 days to find a football coach, so we don't like... More »

$500M Bush Library Deal Expected Today

Southern Methodist University trustees voting on controversial project

(Newser) - Southern Methodist University's trustees are expected to vote today to bring George W. Bush's presidential library to the Texas institution, reports the Dallas Morning News.  The agreement will be "a great day for SMU," said the university's president. But the road to a final agreement at Laura... More »

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