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10 Celebrity Love Child Scandals

Owen Wilson, the latest, joins a long list

(Newser) - If the National Enquirer and Star are to be believed, Owen Wilson is having a kid with his married personal trainer . He certainly has a lot of company in Hollywood: Radar rounds up 26 celebrity love child scandals . A sampling:
  • Rumor has it Khloe Kardashian might not really be Robert
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19 Best-Kept Secrets of the Stars

The latest: Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy

(Newser) - Angelina Jolie managed to keep her double mastectomy a secret from February 2, when procedures started, through April 27, when they were completed, and all the way until May 14, when she revealed everything. But some stars have kept their secrets even longer: Radar lists 18 of them.
  • Janet Jackson
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Joaquin Phoenix Cleans Up for PSA With ... Miley Cyrus

Star shaves, joins Cyrus, Liv Tyler to promote suicide prevention

(Newser) - Joaquin Phoenix has returned to the limelight, clean shaven and with a befuddling new pal: Miley Cyrus. In a PSA for a suicide-prevention group, Cyrus shares her computer skills with Phoenix—who pretends not to have a clue who she is—and a game Liv Tyler, E! reports. “A... More »

It's Friday the 13th: What Do Celebs Fear?

Some fears normal; others just weird

(Newser) - Friday the 13th is a good time to delve into the scary world of celebrity fears—and they run the gamut from the average (Johnny Depp is afraid of clowns) to the bizarre (Roseanne fears letting anyone touch her toes). More from the list, compiled by New York Post columnist... More »

The Strangers Not Welcome

Critics praise director, slam film

(Newser) - Critics agree that writer-director Bryan Bertino shows promise in his freshman film, home-invasion horror flick The Strangers, but they differ on whether the material was worthy of the talent. Jessica Reaves, writing in the Los Angeles Times, praises a “taut, spare thriller” that’s “enormously unsettling”—she... More »

Liv Tyler Splits From Hubbie

Actress and British musician Royston Langdon separate after 5 years

(Newser) - Liv Tyler is calling it quits with musician husband Royston Langdon after five years, People reports. Tyler and British rocker Langdon decided to separate but "remain good friends," says Tyler's rep. The actress set the rumor mills churning by making public appearances recently without her wedding ring. They... More »

Ashton's A-List Pals Exposed to Hepatitis A?

Vaccinations urged for party guests like Madonna, Liv Tyler

(Newser) - Guests at Ashton Kutcher's birthday bash may have brought home more than just goodie bags, E! Online reports. The big shots celebrating the star's 30th birthday at a swanky New York club are being urged by the state health department to get vaccinations—turns out, one of the bartenders working... More »

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