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Guy Who Coined 'Manic Pixie Dream Girl' Wishes He Hadn't

Phrase to call out sexism has become sexist: Nathan Rabin

(Newser) - Nathan Rabin invented the phrase "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" in 2007 after seeing the film Elizabethtown, starring Kirsten Dunst. His goal was to point out a "fundamentally sexist" film trope centering around a male fantasy "of being saved from depression and ennui by a fantasy woman who... More »

Coming Soon: Female Lego Scientists

Toy maker responds to criticism

(Newser) - Lego has apparently heard the criticism that its plastic universe is mostly a boys' club, and things will change this summer. A new line of figurines due out in August will feature a female chemist, paleontologist, and astronomer, reports Time . The set was suggested by a female geochemist in Sweden... More »

Putin on Clinton: Don’t Argue With Women

Tough rhetoric a sign of weakness, he says

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin managed to refrain from grunting and beating his chest during an interview this week in which he suggested that Hillary Clinton is "weak"—"not the worst quality for a woman"—and said, "It's better not to argue with women." The Russian... More »

Reviewer Wants Female Servers to 'Show Skin,' Owner Caves*

*By offering a very cheeky special

(Newser) - A West Virginia restaurateur digging through the pits of depravity, er, troves of wisdom, more commonly known as "online reviews" stumbled upon a charming little screed on UrbanSpoon demanding that his female servers "show some more skin." But instead of sending his thoughtful patron directions to Hooters,... More »

NYT Publisher: Abramson 'Could Not Win Back' Colleagues

Arthur Sulzberger Jr blames her for the debacle

(Newser) - Now, it's his turn: New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr responded yesterday to the wave of outrage over the firing of former executive editor Jill Abramson, saying "she had lost support of her masthead colleagues and could not win it back." In a statement, Sulzberger said... More »

Abramson's Firing at NYT Feels Like Sexism

Two female columnists weigh in on her abrupt dismissal

(Newser) - The New York Times didn't just fire Jill Abramson , its top honchos seemed to go out of their way to humiliate her, writes Megan McArdle at Bloomberg . We still don't know why, but the leading theories are that she tried to hire a managing editor without permission and... More »

Tokyo Women Vow Sex Strike Over Candidate

Gubernatorial hopeful once said women weren't fit to hold office

(Newser) - Tokyo elects a new governor this weekend, and one of the frontrunners is Yoichi Masuzoe, a former health minister backed by the establishment. The 65-year-old has 15 challengers to fend off and now a new group that calls itself "the association of women who will not have sex with... More »

'First Lady' Role: It's 'Sexist,' Needs to Go

It's outdated, and hurts women: Nabila Ramdani

(Newser) - It may be time to do away with the "feeble, sexist, and outdated" role of first lady, writes Nabila Ramdani in the Guardian . Look at Valérie Trierweiler: Upon learning that her partner, French President François Hollande, was having an affair, she spent eight nights in the hospital—... More »

GOP Coaching Candidates on How to Run Against Women

'Some of these guys have a lot to learn'

(Newser) - In the hopes of avoiding another "legitimate rape" incident , the National Republican Congressional Committee has been meeting with top aides to sitting GOP congressmen, coaching them on how they and their bosses should talk about social issues—particularly if they're running against a woman, Politico reports. "Let... More »

Sweden's New Rating System: Is the Movie Sexist?

Cinemas experiment with the 'Bechdel test'

(Newser) - A handful of movie theaters in Sweden have rolled out a new rating system to let viewers know whether a movie is sexist, reports the AP . The simple test: Does it have at least two female characters who talk to each other about something other than a man? If so,... More »

French MP 'Clucks' to Mock Female Colleague's Speech

Outraged critics calling it a sexist move

(Newser) - French MP Véronique Massonneau was addressing the National Assembly in Paris when she was interrupted by the sound of a colleague clucking like a chicken. Massonneau, a member of the green party Europe Ecology, eventually turned to conservative MP Philippe Le Ray and said, "That's enough. Stop... More »

Wendy Davis' Secret Weapon: GOP's Misogyny

Judith Warner thinks Texas candidate is a distinctly sexualized politician

(Newser) - Wendy Davis officially announced her candidacy for governor of Texas yesterday, and Judith Warner thinks she's exactly what Democrats need—and not just because of her filibuster-generated fame. "Blonde, strikingly pretty, outspoken, and female, Davis is, to put it bluntly, invaluable as bait," Warner writes at Time... More »

Women Make 77 Cents for Every Dollar a Man Makes

Census Bureau shows little change in recent years

(Newser) - The gap in pay between men and women seems officially stuck in place: New Census Bureau stats show that women earned 76.5 cents for every dollar that men made in 2012, an amount that hasn't changed much in a decade, reports the Wall Street Journal . Overall, men who... More »

Chinese Hospital's Request: Female Virgins' Blood

Researchers face backlash ahead of HPV study

(Newser) - A Chinese cancer hospital has sparked anger with a call for blood donations—specifically from 100 female virgins ages 18 to 24. The Peking University Cancer Hospital says it's planning a study on HPV and that virgins are less likely to have the virus. "It's in line... More »

Surfwear Maker Under Fire for 'All Sex, No Surf' Ad

Petition calls it example of sexism in sport

(Newser) - A California company that makes clothes for surfers has a new ad featuring pro surfer Stephanie Gilmore. That part's not controversial. What is rankling critics, however, is that Roxy's ad shows Gilmore in bed and in the shower, but never actually, you know, surfing. As a result, three-time... More »

Marissa Mayer Gets 'Scuzzball Comment' From Shareholder

Yahoo chief ignores line from self-described 'dirty old man'

(Newser) - Oh, the joy of being a female CEO, and in the tech industry , no less: At Yahoo's shareholder meeting today, Marissa Mayer got to hear this from a questioner, reports Sam Biddle at ValleyWag (which has the video):
  • "I have 2,000 shares of Yahoo, I'm Greek,
... More »

Warren Buffett: Women Are Going to Drive US Success

Berkshire boss thinks it's time for women to achieve their full potential

(Newser) - Warren Buffett is an eternal optimist, and there's one big reason he's high on America's long-term economic future: women. "America has forged its success while utilizing, in large part, only half of the country's talent," he muses in a piece for Fortune . From the... More »

NH Republican Calls Women 'Vaginas' in Email

Fellow Republicans condemn Peter Hansen's remarks as 'shameful'

(Newser) - New Hampshire state Rep. Peter Hansen is in hot water for referring to women as "vaginas" in an email sent on the state legislature's internal listserv early this month, the Huffington Post reports. Following a colleague's speech on a "stand your ground" gun bill, Hansen offered... More »

Obama Chided for Praising Attorney General's Looks

Once again, critics call White House a 'boys' club'

(Newser) - President Obama has been criticized for making his second-term Cabinet too much of a boys' club, and a comment he made yesterday only served to resurrect the debate, reports the Washington Post . After praising the legal abilities of California Attorney General Kamala Harris while at a fundraiser in the state,... More »

Tweet on Tech Sexism Snowballs Into Two Firings

Woman who complained about jokes, along with joke teller, are dismissed

(Newser) - Big drama in the tech world this week: A tweet complaining about some off-color jokes at a conference appears to have resulted in two people getting fired—including the woman who wrote the tweet. As the Independent recounts, it started when Adria Richards of the email company SendGrid overheard the... More »

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