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Critics Say eBay Founder's Hawaiian Plan Literally Stinks

Pierre Omidyar wants to build a dairy on Kauai

(Newser) - The smell of cow dung and the sting of biting flies—it's not exactly what one dreams of when dreaming of a Hawaiian getaway. But it's the reality eBay founder/Honolulu resident Pierre Omidyar is hoping to create on Kauai. With an eye toward sustainability, Omidyar is looking to... More »

Our Olive Oil Is Often Rancid, and We Don't Even Know It

'We call the US the world’s dumping ground for rancid and defective olive oil'

(Newser) - As consumers, we pay a price for extra virgin olive oil—and not just literally. The oil is extracted naturally from the first press of the olives, as opposed to using heat or chemicals. It's basically olive juice, reports Mother Nature News , and it must have zero defects. But... More »

Hundreds Sick From Cilantro Grown in Feces-Strewn Fields

Cyclospora cayetanensis is a single-celled parasite that causes the infection

(Newser) - The US is banning some Mexican cilantro thanks to the appalling conditions health officials recently found at multiple cilantro fields two hours southeast of Mexico City. Human feces and toilet paper have been found in the growing fields in Puebla, and the general lack of sanitation for workers has been... More »

Big Food Battles Big Sugar to Cut Import Prices

Food firms warn of shortages if cheap foreign sugar blocked

(Newser) - America could "virtually run out of sugar" if more cheap foreign imports aren't allowed in, some of the nation's biggest food companies warned Agriculture Secretary Thomas Vilsack in a recent letter. The firms—which pay around twice the world market price for sugar because of tariffs to protect... More »

Honey Packers Fail to Report Tainted Imports

Companies often simply send honey back to importer

(Newser) - US honey packers often don’t tell authorities about imports contaminated with banned antibiotics or other chemicals, and instead simply send the products back, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports after a lengthy investigation. Importers can then get the tainted honey into the American market through another packer, as two Chicago businessmen... More »

Mexico Halts Shipments From Top US Meat Plants

Move is seen as retaliation for country-of-origin labeling initiative

(Newser) - Mexico has temporarily banned meat from 30 US plants run by some of the largest American meat companies, Reuters reports. The Mexican government says violations in standards of packaging, labeling, and transport conditions occasioned the ban, but many US analysts suspect Mexico is registering its dissatisfaction with an American law... More »

Feds Mandate Nation-of-Origin Labels for Meat, Produce

But new law covers as little as possible: critics

(Newser) - Grocery shoppers will soon be able to tell their Argentine steak from their Midwest chicken at a glance, as a new federal law mandating nation-of-origin labels kicks in Sept. 30. Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) will cover everything from fruit and nuts to beef, lamb, and chicken, reports the Chicago ... More »

US, S. Korea Reach Beef Deal

Imported US meat must come from cattle younger than 30 months

(Newser) - All US beef imported into South Korea will come from cattle less than 30 months old, officials said today, in a deal made to placate South Korean protesters worried about mad cow disease. Nonetheless, thousands of protesters returned to the streets of Seoul, calling for a complete renegotiation of an... More »

Prized Cheese in Italy at Risk

Toxins found in mozzarella after years of illegal trash dumping

(Newser) - More consumers are turning up their noses at Italy’s prized buffalo mozzarella, and not over its smell, the New York Times reports. Toxins have been found in samples of the delicacy, likely caused by illegal dumping of garbage around Naples. Sales are down 40%, and farmers and restaurateurs fear... More »

China Bristles at US' Olympic Food Snub

Beijing insists meat is safe, but Americans will brown-bag it

(Newser) - China says it's a "pity" that US athletes won't be joining their international counterparts at dinner tables during the Olympics this summer over worries about the safety of food and water. American athletes will ship in their own meat and eat at their own training center, and China is... More »

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