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Academy Sues Winner's Heirs for Selling His Oscar

The Academy is not pleased with auction

(Newser) - Once you win an Oscar, that golden statuette is yours to do with as you please ... right? Wrong. One of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' bylaws states that before a member can sell an Oscar, they must first offer it to the Academy for $10. And the... More »

Meet the Men Who Make Oscars

Spotlight misses Chicago workers behind Hollywood's most coveted trophy

(Newser) - Come Feb. 22, Hollywood will be fêting the stars who take home the Oscars—but there’s little chance any of the acceptance speeches will thank the guys who made the statues. From Martin Vega, who melts pewter alloy for the hardware, to Eladio Gonzalez, who gives Oscar his... More »

Oscar Gold Glitters, Costs a Mint

Gilded statue's price goes from $400 to $500 as gold jumps 40%

(Newser) - They’re worth their weight in gold to actors. And this year’s Oscars—carrying a gilding of pure gold—will cost the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences about $500 each, up $100 from last year's 13 1/2-inch tall, 8 1/2-pound statuettes. The price of gold has soared... More »

3 Stories