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Obama Scrambles to Save Sudan

Administration risks losing gains of 2005 deal

(Newser) - Barack Obama came to power promising to help Sudan, and he's been scrambling in recent days to do just that, as the country threatens to backslide into civil war: The US is beefing up its presence in the war-torn country ahead of January's crucial independence referendum, and has doubled America's... More »

Somali Pirates Demand $7M Ransom for UK Couple

Paul and Rachel Chandler went missing a week ago

(Newser) - The British couple abducted from their yacht at gunpoint are being held for $7 million ransom, a rep for the Somali pirates who kidnapped them said today. Paul and Rachel Chandler went missing a week ago in the Indian Ocean. "NATO operations had a lot of negative impact here,... More »

Not So Fast, UN: Darfur War Isn't Over

(Newser) - A top UN official has declared that the "real war" in Darfur is over, but that might come as a surprise to the 3 million or so refugees still living in fear of militia attacks, writes Andrew Meldrum for Global Post. He talks to relief officials who find the... More »

Skeleton Hints at Cleopatra's African Heritage

But experts point out holes in BBC documentary's claim

(Newser) - Egyptian queen Cleopatra may have been of African rather than Greek ancestry, new findings suggest. A BBC archaeological documentary claims to have found the tomb of Cleopatra’s sister, Arsinoe, in Ephesus, Turkey. Arsinoe, who, according to legend, was killed on orders from her sister, had skull dimensions consistent with... More »

Blacks Charge Harassment in China

Beijing's African residents targeted as part of pre-Olympic crackdown

(Newser) - African residents of Beijing say they are facing growing harassment from police ahead of the Olympics, reports the Globe and Mail. Bar owners near the city's Workers Stadium have reportedly been ordered not to serve "black people or Mongolians." The groups have been targeted as part of China's... More »

Are Black Immigrants Black?

Debra Dickerson on the divide between 'native' and 'immigrant' blacks

(Newser) - The notion that a black American must be a “descendant of West African slaves brought here to labor for whites against their will” just reinforces the “invisibility that black immigrants face in America,” Debra Dickerson writes in Mother Jones. But she can’t escape it herself, she... More »

6 Stories