Be Kind Rewind

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Movie Lovers Get the Point at Box Office

Political thriller opens in first on slow Oscar weekend

(Newser) - Vantage Point took top spot at this weekend's box office by nearly doubling the yield of number-two pic Jumper, Variety reports. The Dennis Quaid political thriller banked $24 million to Jumper''s $12.7 million and number-three The Spiderwick Chronicles' $12.6 million, both in their second week. Disney’s Step ... More »

Rewind Spins Out of Control

Jack Black comedy too experimental for its own good, critics say

(Newser) - The Jack Black comedy Be Kind Rewind isn't predictable, but at times it's not coherent either, critics say. The film—about a guy who inadvertently erases a video store's VHS inventory, then, using a camcorder, re-creates popular movies for the store to rent—"never stops experimenting, even when the... More »

2 Stories