Game Developers Conference

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Wii Becomes Fastest-Selling Console Ever

Nintendo boss credits 50M milestone to gaming's move into the mainstream

(Newser) - The Nintendo Wii has passed the 50 million milestone to beat out Playstation 2 as the fastest-selling game console, the BBC reports. The massive sales were beyond expectations, Nintendo boss Saturo Iwata said yesterday at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. He credited Wii's success to gaming's solid move... More »

Wii Fit Among Highlights of Gamers' Conference

Video game industry converged in San Francisco

(Newser) - Fitness program Wii Fit for the Nintendo Wii system, video games that let players warp Disneyized fairy tales, a parents-oriented video game review site, and initiatives by major publishers to let independent designers and even players develop games—those were the highlights of the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco... More »

2 Stories