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Wii Turns Woman Into Sex Addict

24-year-old needs a 'superstud' who can go 10 rounds a day

(Newser) - The Nintendo Wii: You can exercise with it, play Mario Kart with it…get turned on by it? Apparently so, says one woman who turned into a nympho after a fall from the Wii balance board damaged a nerve, causing persistent sexual arousal syndrome. Amanda Flowers, who now requires 10... More »

Brit Health Service Endorses Wii Fit

First-ever video game supported by NHS

(Newser) - Turn on the boob tube and get fit. That's the message from the British National Health Service, which is endorsing Nintendo's new Wii Fit Plus video game. It's the first time ever the service has endorsed a video game and it's sure to raise criticism from some health experts, reports... More »

Wii Sports Cause Real Injuries

Treat it like real exercise: docs

(Newser) - Nintendo Wii players may find themselves saddled with the same sprains and fractures that haunt athletes, often because they don't treat the virtual games like real sports, doctors tell the Washington Times. Sprains are the most common injury because Wii Sports don't provide the same resistance that actual tennis, bowling,... More »

Wii Muscles Up With 'Sports Resort'

Nintendo hopes Frisbee, fencing will boost flagging console sales

(Newser) - Get ready to pull a muscle as Wii expands its offering of audience participation sports to Frisbee (with a dog), fencing and jetskiing, reports Reuters. Sports Resort is scheduled to be released in June, said Nintendo executives. The company hopes the new activities will boost flagging sales of Wii game... More »

EA Offers Its Answer to 'Wii Fit'

Game maker plans line of products to get couch potatoes into shape

(Newser) - Electronic Arts has become the latest game maker to target the Wii-as-personal-trainer market, USA Today reports. EA Sports Active, developed with experts including Oprah Winfrey's trainer, hits the shelves in March and aims to help users lose weight through more than 20 exercises that work the upper and lower body... More »

Wii Fit Is Great for Couch Potatoes

But more hard-core athletes should keep going to the gym

(Newser) - Nintendo's Wii Fit is great for fitness beginners who want to shed their couch-potato ways, but more experienced athletes will want to stick with the gym, writes Jinny Gunmundsen in USA Today. The game delivers a fun and inventive way to tone muscles, improve balance, and burn calories, but hard-core... More »

Are Wii Fit? Nintendo Helps Make a Dent

Interactive system great for busy parents, and earns trainer's respect

(Newser) - Nintendo’s Wii Fit system can turn a couch potato into a workout warrior—or at least make that potato a bit less lumpy, Seth Schiesel writes in the New York Times. The system, launching in North America next week, could be THE next big home fitness trend, pushing that... More »

Wii Fit Among Highlights of Gamers' Conference

Video game industry converged in San Francisco

(Newser) - Fitness program Wii Fit for the Nintendo Wii system, video games that let players warp Disneyized fairy tales, a parents-oriented video game review site, and initiatives by major publishers to let independent designers and even players develop games—those were the highlights of the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco... More »

8 Stories