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Top Recession Bargains

Buy these 10 items and make Keynes proud

(Newser) - Recessions typically are the worst of times, but they can be the best of times if you know what to buy at discounted rates. Time unveils its list of top recession buys:
  • Stores have a glut of fancy duds like cashmere sweaters and formalwear (discounted about 75%), meaning now you,
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Among New Browsers, Firefox Bests Safari and IE

Safari isn't good enough vs. spyware and IE is still in development

(Newser) - Mozilla, Apple, and Microsoft are in the final stages of developing new versions of their Web browsers, and Firefox 3 is the winner over spyware-susceptible Safari 3.1 and work-in-progress IE 8. The new Mozilla product has outstanding memory management and speed, boasts great groundbreaking bookmark features, and is impressively... More »

Intel: Cheap Memory Won't Erase Profits

New markets will protect company from NAND flash price drops

(Newser) - Steep drops in the price of NAND flash memory have hit Intel's profits, but CEO Paul Otellini vows it's not going to put the company in the red, the AP reports. Prices of the chips have fallen more than 50% recently, much more than the chipmaking giant had predicted. Otellini... More »

Etch-A-Sketch Newest Chip Design Tool

Nano-sized wires can be drawn, erased using atomic microscope

(Newser) - Imagine a computer chip that could literally have wires drawn onto it and erased like an etch-a-sketch. That’s what University of Pittsburgh researchers have been able to create, Technology Review reports. To demonstrate the technology, researchers drew the tip of an atomic force microscope across the chip like a... More »

Data Encryption Isn't So Secure, After All

Researchers find easy method to steal protected information

(Newser) - Accessing encrypted data can be as simple as chilling a computer memory chip, according to a Princeton research group. The researchers were able to break through encryption in Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems, reports the New York Times, calling into question the security methods that companies, government agencies, and... More »

5 Stories