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5 Most Stolen Cars in America

It's the Honda Accord—though thieves prefer older models overall, not newer ones

(Newser) - Hide that Honda Accord under lock and key, because it was the most stolen car in America last year, reports 24/7 Wall St. , which details the National Insurance Crime Bureau's annual "Hot Wheels Report" of the country's most swiped vehicles. There were 50,427 Accords stolen in... More »

Honda Recalls 45K Cars for Scary Reason

Engines can fail, stall while being driven

(Newser) - Honda is recalling about 45,000 newly redesigned Civic compact cars in the US and Canada because the engines can fail and stall while being driven. The recall affects 2016 Civics equipped with 2-liter four-cylinder engines. Documents filed by Canadian safety regulators say that a circular clip around the pistons... More »

Toyota, Honda Recall 3.4M Vehicles in Airbag Failure

Nissan, Mazda are also involved

(Newser) - An airbag issue is prompting Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Mazda to recall some 3.4 million vehicles. Passenger-side airbag inflators are at risk of exploding and blasting out plastic pieces, the AP reports, while a rep for Japanese airbag maker Takata warns Reuters that driver-side airbags may fail to inflate.... More »

Most Stolen Car in America Is ... '94 Honda Accord

It lacks security features of later models

(Newser) - What do car thieves want? Flashy sports cars? Posh luxury vehicles? Powerful trucks? Nope, nope, and nope. The most stolen car in America last year was again the humble 1994 Honda Accord, the National Insurance Crime Bureau has announced in a new report . That's because the '94 Accord... More »

Cars Most Likely To Be Stolen in US

Honda Accords and Civics lead the way

(Newser) - The National Insurance Crime Bureau has the numbers in on which cars across the US were most likely to be stolen in 2009. Maybe you think it's Vettes, BMWs, or Mercedes? Nope, it's the lowly Honda Accord—the 1994 model. And the Accord was followed closely by the Honda Civic... More »

Honda Recalls 384K Vehicles

Faulty ignition locks can cause cars, SUVs to roll away

(Newser) - Honda recalled 384,000 vehicles today over a malfunction that could cause the cars and SUVs to roll away while parked, the Detroit News reports. The recall applies to all 2003 Accords and Civics as well as Elements from 2003 and 2004—all of which have problems with their ignition... More »

Honda Expands Global Airbag Recall

437K cars added to fix potentially lethal flaw

(Newser) - Honda is adding 437,000 vehicles to its global recall for faulty and potentially lethal airbags in the latest quality catastrophe to hit a Japanese automaker. The company will replace driver-side airbags because they can deploy with too much force, causing the inflator to rupture and potentially injure or kill... More »

Insurance Guzzles Savings From Fuel-Efficient Cars

Trading down to save money on gas results in higher premiums

(Newser) - Think you’re saving money by driving that small, fuel-efficient car you traded in your SUV for? Maybe, but you’re probably paying more for your insurance—a lot more, reports the Wall Street Journal. In accidents, small cars tend to sustain more damage, and occupants more injures, than larger... More »

Utah Drivers Fill Up With Cheap Natural Gas

State's drivers corner the market in natural gas cars

(Newser) - Utah drivers are lining up to fill their cars and trucks with natural gas, at the equivalent of just 87 cents a gallon, the New York Times reports. State regulations keeping natural gas cheap have fueled a surge of interest in natural gas vehicles among drivers in the state, who... More »

Top 10 Most Stolen Cars

Older models of Civic and Accord are tops, followed by the Camry

(Newser) - If you own a 1995 Honda Civic, you may want to check your driveway. It once again tops the list of the most stolen cars in America, Motor Trend reports. The reason is probably because the Civic is so popular that it's easy to unload stolen parts. The top 10:... More »

Used Hybrid Market Soars

But buyers beware pricey replacement batteries in aging green cars

(Newser) - The rising price of gasoline has heated up the used hybrid market, leading Newsweek writer Keith Naughton to wonder about the staying-power of the pricey battery the part-electric cars run on. Initial fears that Prius batteries would die well before the expected life of the car have proven unfounded, and... More »

City Dweller: Drive These Top 10

Check out this list of the Top 10 vehicles for urbanites from Forbes

(Newser) - City streets are tight, and the stop-and-go driving eats up over-priced gas. Then there’s the parking … if you can find it. Forbes says urbanites should consider one of these city-friendly rides:
  1. Audi A3: Handles well, loaded with safety features, tiny turning radius
  2. Mazda3: Great at dodging potholes, safe
... More »

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