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Man Admits Plan to Kill Trump With Forklift

ND planned to flip president's limo

(Newser) - A North Dakota man has admitted stealing a forklift as part of a bizarre plot to kill President Trump last year. US Assistant State's Attorney Brandi Sasse Russell says Gregory Lee Leingang, 42, stole the forklift and made his way to the motorcade route before Trump arrived to speak... More »

Woman Who Flipped Off Trump Gets Fired

Juli Briskman, 50, was a government contractor until the image went viral

(Newser) - Last week, an image revolving around President Trump went viral, though the White House surely wasn't happy about it. In the photo—you can see it here —a female bicyclist is seen flipping the middle finger to the Trump motorcade as it passes her in Sterling, Va. The... More »

Florida Cops: Child Confessed to Striking Trump's Motorcade

And implicated 4 other juveniles, say Palm Beach police

(Newser) - There was apparently no incident in Sweden on Friday, but there was a minor one in West Palm Beach. USA Today cites a Facebook post by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office regarding the 2pm incident, in which a "small hard object" was thrown at a vehicle in... More »

Driver Who Caused White House Scare Was 'Confused'

IRS employee says he blundered into motorcade

(Newser) - A wrong turn that caused national news: The driver who caused a White House security scare by following a motorcade carrying President Obama's daughters into a restricted area was apparently just confused, authorities say. Mathew Goldstein—an IRS IT specialist described by a friend as "brilliant but absent-minded"... More »

White House Locked Down After Car Follows Motorcade

Driver arrested in restricted area

(Newser) - The White House was briefly locked down yesterday after a car followed a motorcade carrying President Obama's daughters into a restricted area. It was stopped just feet away from the White House's northwest gate and the driver was arrested and charged with unlawful entry, reports the AP . The... More »

Officer in Obama Motorcade Killed in Florida Crash

He's struck by truck as he attempts to stop traffic

(Newser) - A motorcycle cop accompanying President Obama's motorcade in Florida was killed when he was struck by a pickup truck yesterday. The officer, whose identity hasn't been released, was killed as he prepared to shut a section of an interstate in Palm Beach County, reports AP . No charges have... More »

London Slaps Obama's Motorcade With Fine

Part of ongoing battle over 45K notices handed to US Embassy

(Newser) - Not only did President Obama screw up his toast to the Queen and the date on his signature in the Westminster Abbey guest book during his visit to England in May, he also screwed up traffic protocol. His motorcade apparently failed to pay the $16 congestion charge required when driving... More »

Motorcade Crash Victim's Family Sues Hillary Clinton

Dallas officer's family blame city, Clinton campaign for his death

(Newser) - The family of a Dallas motorcycle cop who died escorting Hillary Clinton in a campaign motorcade 2 years ago are suing her, the city, and the makers of the helmet he was wearing. Dallas officials didn't give the officer proper training and the Clinton campaign didn't give enough notice that... More »

Peggy Fleming Hurt in Biden Van Accident

Ex-Olympians shook up in motorcade crack up

(Newser) - Former Olympic gold medalists Peggy Fleming and Vonetta Flowers were slightly injured in an accident as they traveled yesterday in Vice President Joe Biden's motorcade in Vancouver. The women were treated at a local hospital "as a precaution" and released after their van plowed into the vehicle in front... More »

En Route to Daily Show, a Not-So-Funny Incident

3 injured in Biden motorcade wreck

(Newser) - Three people were injured tonight when New York police clearing the way for Vice President Joe Biden’s appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart collided with a livery cab trying to skirt the stopped traffic. “They T-boned him,” a witness told the Post of the incident,... More »

Jackson Laid to Rest

Elizabeth Taylor, ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley among invitees

(Newser) - Paris Jackson wept as she stepped into the Forest Lawn mausoleum where her father, Michael, was to be entombed. Katherine Jackson, overcome by sorrow, turned back when she was faced with her son's final resting place. On a sultry evening, amid a sea of white flowers and with a bejeweled... More »

Meet Obama's 'Beast'

Secret Service says 44's impenetrable vehicle is most sophisticated in the world

(Newser) - The latest limousine to join the presidential fleet is essentially a tank with a Cadillac exterior, Wired reports. The armored vehicle—code-named “Stagecoach” but dubbed “The Beast” due to its makeup—is the world’s most sophisticated car. The Secret Service and General Motors refuse to divulge specs... More »

Georgia Prez Charges Russians Fired on Motorcade

Shots fired as Georgian leader travels with Polish president to refugee camp

(Newser) - Shots were fired close to a motorcade ferrying Georgia's President Mikheil Saakashvili and Polish President Lech Kaczynski  to a refugee camp in Georgia near the border with the breakaway region of South Ossetia, officials said. Saakashvili blamed Russian troops at a border checkpoint for the gunfire, reports Voice of America.... More »

Driver Cuts Off Motorcade, Finds Himself at Gunpoint

Secret Service point guns at foolish motorist

(Newser) - A less-than-cautious Chicago motorist tried to shave a couple minutes off his drive yesterday by driving around the president-elect's motorcade, only to find himself face-to-face with drawn Secret Service weapons. The Sun-Times advises Chicago drivers to get used to flocks of siren-blaring police cars and Secret Service SUVs—and not... More »

Colo. Cops Tackle Palin Protesters

Motorcade almost flattens officer

(Newser) - Police dragged away a group of protesters who were attempting to block Sarah Palin’s motorcade today in Colorado, and tackled at least two of them, CNN reports. A group of eight to 10 protesters broke from a larger group to stand in front of Palin’s car, holding up... More »

Iraq's First Lady Survives Attack on Motorcade

Road bomb injures 4 guards, capping an especially bloody week

(Newser) - The wife of Iraqi President Jalal Talabani escaped injury after a roadside bomb hit her motorcade in Baghdad this morning. Hiro Ahmed Ibrahim was on her way to a cultural festival when the blast hit, injuring four of the first lady's bodyguards. It is unclear whether the attack was random... More »

Officer Dies Escorting Clinton

Hillary 'devastated' by motorcade crash

(Newser) - A Dallas police officer escorting Hillary Clinton's motorcade to a rally died today when he lost control of his motorcycle and slammed into a viaduct pillar, the Dallas Morning News reports. The officer, whose name was not being released, was rushed to a nearby hospital but died shortly afterward. More »

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