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New Orleans' New Streetcar Line Nearly Ready

Should be rolling in time for Super Bowl

(Newser) - After months of construction, road closures and flying dust, New Orleans is about ready to open its new streetcar line near the Superdome—just in time for the Super Bowl. A formal opening ceremony is planned for Jan. 28. That's when teams will likely arrive and out-of-state visitors are... More »

Desire Named Streetcar Grips Cities

40 cities considering resurrecting the humble streetcar

(Newser) - Most American cities dismantled their streetcar lines over 50 years ago but a major comeback is gathering speed, the New York Times reports. Cincinnati, Houston, Denver, Salt Lake City and Charlotte have streetcar systems in the works to revive sagging downtown areas. A dozen cities already have streetcars and at... More »

Big Easy's Streetcars Finally Full Speed

Line disconnected by Katrina can runs its course again

(Newser) - Streetcars clang-clanged their way down South Carrollton Ave. yesterday, and for many, the sound was as sweet as New Orleans jazz, the Times-Picayune reports. For the first time since Hurricane Katrina, the whole St. Charles Ave. streetcar line is running, and it should bring both tourism and a sense of... More »

Siemens Brings Trams to America

EU giant starts US plant, takes 200 rail orders from congested cities

(Newser) - Siemens is importing eco-friendly trams and light-rail transport to gas-guzzling America, Der Spiegel reports. The conglomerate has been making them in Sacramento for 2 years, and is seeing a brisk increase in demand from the almost 30 tram-loving US cities. The California plant has 200 orders already and expects more... More »

4 Stories