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Best Opening Lines for Online Daters

Do not go with 'Hey, what's up?'

(Newser) - Oh, the stress of dating apps: What opening line to use on the person who "swiped right," in order to make sure they don't change their mind about you? Dating app Hinge is here to help you out. It wrote more than 100 opening lines, and 22%... More »

Take These 5 Phrases Off Your Online Dating Profile

eHarmony director lists useless buzzwords

(Newser) - Single this Valentine's Day? Then perhaps you'll be interested in this advice from an eHarmony senior director. Grant Langston tells Time the five most overused, meaningless phrases you should take off your online dating profile right now:
  • Down to earth: What does that even mean? No one knows.
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'Guide to Dating Indians' Is Just Plain Wrong

Andrea Miller 'embarrasses' children of biracial marriages

(Newser) - Maureen O'Connor is the child of a biracial marriage, and she would like Andrea Miller to “STFU.” Why? Because Miller, creator of YourTango , thought it would be a good idea to write a Guide to Dating Indians for the Huffington Post . The handy guide includes information from why... More »

Dating Profile Picture Myths, Busted

Why skin wins...but only sometimes

(Newser) - To find Mr. Right online, make sure your dating profile pic is a smiley one, right? Wrong. Dating site reviewed 7,000 photos uploaded by love-hungry ladies and gents and analyzed them based on the number of messages and conversations their subjects received. It breaks down the four... More »

A Teen Boy's Guide to Love, Via New Moon

Say weird stuff, have seizures when you kiss, appear dead, etc.

(Newser) - When it came to being cool and hitting it off with girls, Mick LaSalle had it hard as a teen—he had to figure out what width belt to wear and such without the benefit of Twilight as a primer. Herewith, some "empirical data" helpful to 15-year-old boys he... More »

Pepsi 'Pickup' App Has Anger Bubbling

(Newser) - The blogosphere is buzzing with opprobrium for a promotional iPhone app. “Amp Up Before You Score,” as in Pepsi’s energy drink, gives guys tips on how to, well, “score” with different types of women. The advice ranges from banal—compute your carbon footprint to hit on... More »

Should She Delay the L-Word?

Women should say 'I love you' first as much as men

(Newser) - It may seem dated to say women can kill relationships with a poorly timed or premature "I love you." Or it may just seem dated to women, observes Sarah Hepola, who read an article advising women never to be the first to show their cards, emotionally, and was... More »

How to Make That First-Date Movie Count

Porn, as we learned from Mr. Bickle, is not a good idea

(Newser) - "The difference between marital bliss and a train wreck of a relationship is the difference between Charlie Wilson's War and Saw IV, " writes Peter Hartlaub in the San Francisco Chronicle. There's no overestimating the power of that first-date movie. How to walk the tightrope:
  • Bad isn't bad: Think
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Jerry to Mick's Kids: Don't Date Men Like Dad

Jagger girls have more confidence than to date womanizers

(Newser) - Mick Jagger’s ex stomached his philandering for 20 years but Jerry Hall insists their daughters—Elizabeth, 21, and Georgia May, 15—will never date a wild womanizer like their Rolling Stones dad, the Daily Mail reports. “No, never. But I don't think they would. They have far more... More »

Top 10 Dating Tips for Rich Guys

Lose the PDA, don't mention the ex, and please don't hit on the waitress

(Newser) - Wealth can present its own obstacles to romantic success. Here are's dating tips for landing a woman who doesn't just love the money:
  1. Lose your PDA/Blackberry/etc. Whatever it is, it's not that important. Focus on the person right in front of you.
  2. Do pick up the check—it's
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