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Russia Loses Half of Its Billionaires

Market woes, weak ruble have chipped away at fortunes

(Newser) - The 10 wealthiest Russians have lost two-thirds of their fortunes in the past year, AP reports, based on the magazine Finans' annual list of billionaires. The ranks of billionaires have been cut in half, from 101 to just 49. Last year's richest Russian, Oleg Deripaska, has fallen to eighth on... More »

Gates Tops Rich List With $57B

Leads Forbes ranking for 15th year

(Newser) - Microsoft founder Bill Gates leads the latest Forbes list of America's richest people with a fortune estimated to be $57 billion. It's the 15th year in a row that the visionary behind the computer revolution has topped the ratings. But the rich are not getting richer, Forbes reveals. Several fortunes... More »

McCain Can't Quite Say How Many Houses He Owns

Also nixes one-term idea in interview

(Newser) - John McCain isn’t quite sure how many houses he owns, Politico reports. The presumptive Republican nominee responded to the question in yesterday’s interview with “I think—I’ll have my staff get to you.” He and wife Cindy are estimated to own between four and seven... More »

Buffet Unseats Gates as Richest Man on Earth

He's worth $62B; Gates is now third with $58B.

(Newser) - Bill Gates has passed the gilded torch: Warren Buffett and Mexican telecom mogul Carlos Slim have ended the Microsoft founder's 13-year reign as richest man on earth, Forbes reports. Buffett's fortune grew $10 billion this year to $62 billion, while Slim weighs in with an estimated $60 billion. Gates trails... More »

Top 10 Dating Tips for Rich Guys

Lose the PDA, don't mention the ex, and please don't hit on the waitress

(Newser) - Wealth can present its own obstacles to romantic success. Here are TheStreet.com's dating tips for landing a woman who doesn't just love the money:
  1. Lose your PDA/Blackberry/etc. Whatever it is, it's not that important. Focus on the person right in front of you.
  2. Do pick up the check—it's
... More »

5 Stories