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Butler Wins Again With $17M

'We're the Millers' still doing surprisingly well; 'Jobs,' not so much

(Newser) - Lee Daniels' The Butler might have fared very poorly in one Kentucky theater , but it was the winner nationwide for a second week in a row , pulling in $17 million on a sleepy end-of-summer weekend. We're the Millers also held steady, with a $13.5 million haul that gave... More »

Oprah's Butler Opens at No. 1

Pulls in $25M in first movie in 15 years

(Newser) - Oprah Winfrey closed out her first weekend at the box office in 15 years as a winner, with The Butler pulling in a cool $25 million to claim the No. 1 spot. The movie was supposed to be neck-and-neck with Kick Ass 2, notes the LA Times , but the latter... More »

Enough With the Racism of 'Good People'

Ta-Nehisi Coates is tired of forgiving them

(Newser) - An employee in a New York City deli accused a black man of shoplifting last month and frisked him on the spot, an event made remarkable only because the falsely accused happened to be Oscar winner Forest Whitaker. It's a great deli, writes Ta-Nehisi Coates in the New York ... More »

Alice's $34.5M Makes Box Office a Wonderland

Repo Men tanks with lackluster $6.2M opening

(Newser) - Alice remains the queen of the box office. Johnny Depp and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland took in $34.5 million to remain the No. 1 movie for a third straight weekend. The movie raised its domestic haul to $265.7 million after just 17 days in theaters. More »

Critics Can't Wait to Give Back Repo Men

Gory sci-fi thriller predictable, stupid

(Newser) - Repo Men, a sci-fi thriller about men who repossess organs, is probably supposed to be biting commentary on divisive issues like health care, but critics are united in shouting it down:
  • “Let the 2010 Razzies race begin!” declares Michael Rechtshaffen of The Hollywood Reporter . “Blood soaked, derivative
... More »

Our Family Wedding Not a Marriage Worth Saving

Not even America Ferrera can save this film

(Newser) - Our Family Wedding, a Rick Famuyiwa film about the wedding of a Mexican-American girl (America Ferrera) to her African American boyfriend (Lance Gross) is little more than a culture-clash cliché that Claudia Puig finds about as "funny as census data." Most critics agree:
  • It's a "perfectly good
... More »

Minorities Finally Get Lead Roles in TV Dramas

This year's network pilots include four with non-white stars

(Newser) - The upcoming crop of pilots for network TV offers hope that the industry taboo against minority leads in dramas can finally be put to rest. Four of the most high-profile projects in the works feature non-white actors, notes the Hollywood Reporter , including Forest Whitaker in a spinoff of Criminal Minds... More »

Action Makes a Good Point

Political thriller doesn't have all the answers, but it sure has action

(Newser) - It may lack depth, but critics admit that Vantage Point packs a lot of excitement. The thriller, which begins by showing the same assassination from eight different perspectives, "fails the 'reality test' but maintains a certain intensity for its entire running length," writes James Berardinelli of More »

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