Dennis Zine

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LA Lawmaker Wants Bieber Arrested

Pop sensation was pulled over on the freeway 'driving like maniac'

(Newser) - Should Justin Bieber's next concert be held behind bars? One Los Angeles City Councilman thinks so. Bieber was caught speeding on the freeway in his chrome Fisker Karma at 11:30am today, and witness to the scene was councilman/former LAPD motor officer Dennis Zine, who told TMZ , "Bieber... More »

LAPD Chief Wants Britney to 'Stay Home'

Top cop slams push for new anti-paparazzi laws

(Newser) - The LA police chief says proposed legislation regulating paparazzi would be unnecessary if celebrities stayed away from photographers rather than the other way around, the Huffington Post reports. “What we need is Britney Spears to stay home instead of traipsing all over town,” William Bratton said on KPCC... More »

2 Stories