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The Most Undeserved Oscars

SF Chronicle serves up its 'Titanic Awards'

(Newser) - Oscars go to undeserving flicks so often that the San Francisco Chronicle has a prize for them: the Titanic Award. Pop culture critic Peter Hartlaub targets some of the most egregious offenders:
  • Best Picture: Titanic. The award’s namesake, which somehow beat LA Confidential, needs no explanation.
  • Best Actor: Al
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Top 10 Oscars That Weren't

Film classics and actors the Academy overlooked

(Newser) - In the Academy Awards' 80-year history, many classic films, performers, and directors have been robbed of their statues. CNN's Screening Room names the 10 most crushing Oscars that weren't, many of which lost out to—gulp—musicals:
  • 1941: Seminal Citizen Kane loses to sappy How Green Was My Valley
  • 1956:
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2 Stories