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Kimchi Without the Stench? Korean Woman Has It Down

Freeze-drying keeps cabbage dish's taste

(Newser) - Kim Soon-ja eats kimchi everywhere she goes, but she’s noticed that outside of Korea, people tend to wrinkle their noses. South Korea’s beloved fermented cabbage dish is among the world’s smelliest foods, the Los Angeles Times notes—so Kim took it upon herself to invent a freeze-dried... More »

India Struggles to Create Astronaut 'Space Curry'

(Newser) - One of the biggest challenges of India’s burgeoning space program is culinary, the London Times reports. Researchers at the country’s defense science lab are struggling to adapt the complex, spicy national cuisine into something that will work in space. “Curry tends to be spicy, high in fat... More »

'Kimchi Deficit' Puts Korea in a Pickle

Spicy side dish's sales fall from cheaper competition

(Newser) - Seoul is facing a ferment in its effort to promote South Korean cuisine around the world: declining exports of its national dish, kimchi. The country recorded a $77.3 million trade deficit of the spicy pickled cabbage and other veggies over the past 3 years, BBC reports. A government report... More »

Korea's Kimchi Ready for Lift-Off

First Korean astronaut will take along staple dish

(Newser) - South Korea spent millions to make sure its first astronaut is well-prepared for his mission—by perfecting a space-safe kimchi, reports the International Herald Tribune. South Koreans put down 1.6 million tons of the national dish each year, and Ko San will blast off April 8 for a 10-day... More »

4 Stories