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How Korea Bought Its Way Into American Stomachs

Hey, it worked for Thai food

(Newser) - While some worry about Russia influencing the US election, other countries are surreptitiously having a massive impact on our meals. Priceonomics takes a look at the practice of "gastro-diplomacy," through which governments spend millions of dollars buying access to our mouths. "The latest food trend that you'... More »

Cheap and Comforting: Food Trends for 2009

Gourmet outlines how we'll eat well in the downturn

(Newser) - With a recession weighing on our minds (and wallets), Gourmet breaks down new home cooking trends for 2009:
  • Drinking will, unsurprisingly, be on the rise, with a wider variety of high-end spirits for simple homemade cocktails.
  • Simple ingredients like large beans will be central in a new wave of easy,
... More »

'Kimchi Deficit' Puts Korea in a Pickle

Spicy side dish's sales fall from cheaper competition

(Newser) - Seoul is facing a ferment in its effort to promote South Korean cuisine around the world: declining exports of its national dish, kimchi. The country recorded a $77.3 million trade deficit of the spicy pickled cabbage and other veggies over the past 3 years, BBC reports. A government report... More »

Korea's Kimchi Ready for Lift-Off

First Korean astronaut will take along staple dish

(Newser) - South Korea spent millions to make sure its first astronaut is well-prepared for his mission—by perfecting a space-safe kimchi, reports the International Herald Tribune. South Koreans put down 1.6 million tons of the national dish each year, and Ko San will blast off April 8 for a 10-day... More »

4 Stories