Belgrade riots

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Anti-Gay Riots Mar Serbia's Pride Parade

Extreme nationalists: 'Death to homosexuals'

(Newser) - Serbia's first Gay Pride parade in nearly a decade was disrupted yesterday by anti-gay riots that left 100 people injured and saw another 100 arrested. The rioters threw petrol bombs and stones at the police during the march in Belgrade, and the office of the ruling Democratic Party was briefly... More »

Serbia Set for Snap Elections After Kosovo Spurs Collapse

Most important vote in decade called for May

(Newser) - The president of Serbia dissolved parliament today, paving the way for early elections on May 11 that many are calling the country's most critical vote since the fall of strongman Slobodan Milosevic. Serbia's government collapsed over the weekend due to infighting over the fate of Kosovo and the country's prospect... More »

US Mission Reopens in Belgrade

Building cleaned up, but bears scars from last week's violent protests

(Newser) - Workers were still cleaning up damage from last week’s violent demonstrations when the US embassy in Belgrade reopened today, Reuters reports. Protesters set fire to and ransacked the building last Thursday to protest the US’ support of Kosovo in the province's declaration of independence. Now, though the building still... More »

Looting Serbian 'Riot Girls' a YouTube Hit

'Belgrade bimbos' draw hits, scorn for grabbing chocolates and shoes

(Newser) - After the violence and looting that gripped Belgrade on Thursday night, a video available on YouTube has become a Serbian phenomenon—and provoked near-universal disapproval. The clip features two female looters grabbing everything from chocolates to designer handbags and shoes while the American embassy burned. Entitled "Swapping Kosovo for... More »

US Rips Serbian 'Thugs' in Embassy Attack

Government officials accused of sanctioning deadly violence

(Newser) - The UN and US have strongly condemned attacks on the American and Croatian embassies in Belgrade during riots that erupted yesterday at a state-sponsored demonstration against Kosovo's independence. "Our embassy was attacked by thugs," said a White House spokeswoman. Rioters torched the embassies and had running battles with... More »

5 Stories