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Burger King to Sell Whopper-Scented Cologne

But only in Japan, and only on April Fools' Day

(Newser) - For hamburger aficionados who want the smell even when they can't get a bite, Burger King is putting the scent into a limited-edition fragrance. Burger King said Friday that the Whopper grilled beef burger-scented cologne will be sold only on April 1, and only in Japan. Sounds too good... More »

Cops Bust Fleeing Man Thanks to His Cologne

Oregon driver nearly got away

(Newser) - Best line in a police report in a while: "Agosto mentioned he regretted applying cologne on his person prior to leaving his house." It comes via police in Lebanon, Ore., in reference to Charles Agosto, reports KPTV . Cops say the 35-year-old refused to stop after a traffic violation... More »

This $110 Cologne Appeals to ... Cows

Scent is for farmers (or farmer wannabes) who don't want to upset their animals

(Newser) - A cow pasture may not be the most typical testing ground for a new cologne, but then new colognes typically don't get written up in Modern Farmer . Such is the case with Farmer's Cologne out of Maine, which goes for $110 a bottle and has the unique selling... More »

Coming Soon: Notre Dame ... Perfume

And it will set you back only $62

(Newser) - The smell of Notre Dame doesn't come cheap. The university says Gold Eau De Toilette for men and Lady Irish Eau De Parfum will be available this fall, with 3.4-ounce bottles expected to retail for $62. The Cloudbreak Group—the folks behind a scent for the New York... More »

New Cologne Lets You Smell Like a Boston Firefighter

Scents include rubber and smoke

(Newser) - Is there any better way to pay tribute to Boston's first-responders than trying to smell like them? Probably, but Demeter is putting out a new cologne anyway called First Response—Boston, which has scents "overlaid with white rubber and smoke." It also has plenty of spices and... More »

Eau de Pope: Benedict Gets Own Cologne

One-of-a-kind scent features 'lime, verbena, and grass'

(Newser) - Holy water de cologne? Boutique perfume maker Silvana Casoli has created a special cologne for the famously well-dressed Pope Benedict XVI, featuring "hints of lime tree, verbena, and grass" based on the pope's love of nature, reports the Guardian . But don't try to find this unique blend... More »

Star Trek Perfume: The Final Frontier

(Newser) - Smells like sci-fi spirit. A new line of aftershaves and perfumes is targeting the Star Trek fan base, reports the Daily Telegraph. Creator Genki Wear touts the "casual yet commanding" men's cologne Tiberius, branded after Captain Kirk's middle name, as a scent "difficult to define and impossible to... More »

10 Tips for the Stylish Gent

Designer Paul Smith dishes on T-shirts and tailor-made suits

(Newser) - Natty British designer Paul Smith outlines his do's and don'ts for the 21st-century gentlemen in a cagey Details interview. Cologne lovers, beware:
  1. T-shirts seem easy, but they're a big no-no; go with a collar.
  2. A good, bland haircut is better than a failed stylish one.
  3. Women first! Don't ignore them
... More »

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