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2 Classically Trained Male Dancers Make NFL History

Quinton Peron, Napoleon Jinnies join Los Angeles Rams cheer team

(Newser) - Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies just made NFL history, CBS Los Angeles reports. They became the first men on an NFL cheer team after the Los Angeles Rams announced Wednesday they had made the squad. According to Inside Edition , Jinnies said he was "speechless" and Peron said he cried... More »

10 Famous Guy Cheerleaders

Yes, Samuel L. Jackson is among them

(Newser) - Cheerleading may be predominantly made up of females now, but it started as a male sport, and the Huffington Post found 10 male college cheerleaders who went on to quite a bit of prominence in Hollywood and DC:
  • Jimmy Stewart: He cheered at Princeton University as a junior and senior.
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Cheerleader: Gay Kiss Got Me Booted Off Squad

Security camera footage resulted in suspension from school

(Newser) - Security footage of a Texas teen kissing another boy got him suspended from school and thrown off the cheerleading squad, he tells KPLC-TV . The teen believes school officials deliberately sought to catch him in the act. "They never check cameras for anything unless something is stolen," he says.... More »

Daredevil Stunts Crippling Cheerleaders

Serious injuries skyrocket as performers take to the air

(Newser) - American high school and college cheerleaders are losing teeth, breaking backs and becoming paralyzed in increasingly dangerous stunts that agonized parents and experts say should be stopped. "I didn't know that they were throwing her up in the air.  Why would the school allow that?" asked one stunned... More »

Marlins Call Up Big-Time Cheerleaders

Manatees will add weight, if not rhythm, to home games

(Newser) - Weighing in between 225 and 435 pounds, the Florida Marlins' new cheerleaders may take up space better than they dance. But on opening day, the Marlins will introduce fans to the Manatees, baseball’s first all-male, all-plus-sized cheerleading squad, the Los Angeles Times reports. “There are more people who... More »

Fla. Marlins Call For Big-Bellied Cheerleaders

Because baseball needs more plus-size guys jumping around

(Newser) - The Florida Marlins are currently holding tryouts for new male cheerleaders—the chubbier, the better. Though the Marlins already have lean pompom girls rooting on the sidelines, the AP reports, they're looking to create a rotund 10-man squad called the Manatees to boost record-low attendance at home games. But these... More »

6 Stories