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Company Fires Nearly 200 Protesting Muslim Workers

Employees claim they were told, 'If you want to pray, go home'

(Newser) - Nearly 200 Muslim workers—mostly Somali immigrants—were fired by a Colorado meat-packing plant last month for walking off the job over claims their employer was preventing them from praying, USA Today reports. "Prayer is the first priority to every Muslim," a man assisting the fired employees says.... More »

'Pink Slime' Recovers as Beef Prices Surge

'Wall Street Journal' says 2 biggest producers back on track

(Newser) - "Pink slime" may have become the scourge of the meat industry a few years back, but time and rising beef prices can work wonders. The Wall Street Journal reports that the two biggest producers of the product they prefer to call "finely textured beef" have mostly bounced... More »

Feds Knew of Cargill Salmonella in 2010

Interagency bumbling, lax regulations let problem go unaddressed

(Newser) - Mammoth meat packer Cargill recalled a whopping 36 million pounds of ground turkey last week, but federal officials knew of salmonella contamination at a Cargill plant dating back to last year, reports the Wall Street Journal . It seems that a USDA inspection turned up three instances of salmonella Heidelberg at... More »

Cargill Recalls Turkey Linked to Salmonella

36M pounds of turkey products being recalled

(Newser) - Meat giant Cargill is recalling 36 million pounds of ground turkey linked to a nationwide salmonella outbreak that has killed one person in California and sickened at least 76 others. The company is recalling fresh and frozen ground turkey products produced at its Arkansa plant in Springdale from February 20... More »

Wary of Unrest, Countries Hoard Food Staples

...which in turn makes prices rise even more

(Newser) - With food prices on the rise, developing countries are stockpiling staples like wheat and rice in an attempt to stave off social unrest and panic buying—driving prices yet higher. Wheat hit a two-and-a-half-year high yesterday, after Algeria bought 800,000 tons of it and Saudi Arabia announced it was... More »

Chávez Seizes US Cargill Plant

Venezuela naionalizes rice mill amid food shortages

(Newser) - Hugo Chávez yesterday took control of the Venezuelan plant of the American food company Cargill, restarting a drive toward nationalization as the country's oil revenues plummet. Reuters reports that the government seized a rice plant run by Cargill, claiming that mills are deliberately producing small amounts of rice in... More »

Cargill Recalls 1M Pounds of Ground Beef

E. Coli contamination is the company's second in a month

(Newser) - E. coli fears led to a recall today of more than 1 million pounds of ground beef from Cargill Inc., Reuters reports. The USDA found the potentially deadly bacteria after testing meat produced October 8 in Pennsylvania and sold in 10 states at stores including Giant, Shop Rite, Stop &... More »

The Beef Stops Here, but Why?

Health agents ask why E. coli outbreak toppled Topps and led to huge recall

(Newser) - The latest E. coli outbreak, which toppled Topps Meat and led to millions of recalled burgers, has stumped health agents. Muckrakers blame feedlots and abattoirs, saying bad animal diets increase infections when the meat mingles with innards, but others aren't so worried: "The reality is if you cook the... More »

Sam's Club Recalls Beef in E. coli Scare

Frozen patties sold under Angus brand sicken four kids

(Newser) - In yet another recall of bad meat, Sam's Club has pulled a brand of frozen hamburgers from its shelves after four children were sickened with E. coli. The warehouse chain, owned by Wal-Mart, recalled American Chef's Selection Angus Beef Patties. They have an expiration date of Feb. 12, 2008, and... More »

Coke, Cargill Team Up on New Sweetener

Based on herb called stevia, not yet approved in US

(Newser) - Coke has teamed up with Cargill to produce and market the all-natural, calorie-free sweetener rebiana, based on a South American herb called stevia. Coke and Cargill plan to market it in 12 countries that have approved stevia as a food additive, while attempting to win regulatory approval in the US... More »

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