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Shakespeare Didn't Work Alone, Says Computer

Program developed to spot plagiarism shows Bard wrote Edward III With Kyd

(Newser) - The computer program is called “Pl@giarism,” but no one is suggesting the Bard cribbed from others—not yet, at least. Researchers used the software, developed to spot cheating scholars, to take a look at The Reign of King Edward III, an unattributed 1596 play that has recently been... More »

Pogue's Top Tech Ideas of '08

List includes advancements from iPhone, Amazon and Netflix

(Newser) - David Pogue runs down the best tech ideas of 2008 in the New York Times, “the flashes of genius that somehow made it through committee, past the lawyers, and into the marketplace.” Highlights include:
  • Headache-free packaging: Amazon’s plastic-free alternative is good for the environment and does not
... More »

PCs and Internet Are Merging

New Adobe AIR platform would blur the line between the two

(Newser) - The line between the Internet and PCs is blurring with the release today of Adobe AIR, a software development system for creating applications that can merge data between the two. AIR applications will have Web browser functionality without launching a browser, and users’ files will be "in the cloud,... More »

3 Stories