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Facebook Gets Own App Store

But 'App Center' is more of an 'App Showcase'

(Newser) - Facebook announced its own App Center yesterday , in a move being touted as "smart" that will likely boost its influence even further. The "store" will open in the next few weeks, Fast Company reports; there will be both web and mobile versions. On CNET , Rafe Needleman calls the... More »

Facebook, iTunes Ruining Web ... Says Web's Creator

Tim Berners-Lee blasts those chipping away at its 'egalitarian principles'

(Newser) - Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the British engineer credited with inventing the World Wide Web, has a message for us: Social networking sites, app developers, and other entities, if left unchecked, will ruin his creation—which now belongs to all of us. "The web evolved into a powerful, ubiquitous tool because... More »

Smartphones Become Essential Tools for Shoppers

Retailers scramble to establish presence in mobile marketplace

(Newser) - Today's Black Friday finds about 1 in 5 shoppers—double that for the 18-to-29 age set— using a smartphone to track bargains and compare prices. While the number of those who actually buy using a mobile device is relatively small—at $750 million, such transactions account for only .5% of... More »

E-Commerce Revs Up on Facebook

Dozens of storefront applications due to open in months ahead

(Newser) - Facebook is poised to become a major destination for online shopping as more sophisticated E-commerce applications appear, reports the Financial Times. Floral gift retailer 1-800-Flowers opened a Facebook storefront last week and the software developer behind it says at least 20 more retailers will open for business via Facebook in... More »

Cull Your Facebook Friends, Get a Free Burger

(Newser) - Burger King has launched a new Facebook application called “Whopper Sacrifice,” rewarding users who cull 10 people from their friends list with a free burger, Adweek reports. The ad campaign came out of ad agency employees' frustration with their own bloated lists. "We thought there could be... More »

The Next Big Web Start-Ups

MIT offers a look new software to improve how we communicate online

(Newser) - What’s next in the wide world of Web?  MIT’s Technology Review lists 10 up-and-coming apps and gadgets to make communicating even easier:
  1. Pinger. Like texting, but with your voice: leave voice messages for your friends on the company’s server.
  2. Pownce. A microblogging service like Twitter—but users
... More »

Speedier Firefox Aims to Lead the Way

Mozilla says new version of browser will boost Web 2.0 development

(Newser) - Early tests have found Mozilla's latest version of Firefox is much speedier than earlier versions and it runs rings around its rivals, PC World reports. One blogger found Firefox 3 Beta 4 was nearly twice as fast as Safari and Opera, and the Beta 4 version, and three times faster... More »

PCs and Internet Are Merging

New Adobe AIR platform would blur the line between the two

(Newser) - The line between the Internet and PCs is blurring with the release today of Adobe AIR, a software development system for creating applications that can merge data between the two. AIR applications will have Web browser functionality without launching a browser, and users’ files will be "in the cloud,... More »

8 Stories