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Cards Against Humanity Creator Rails Against Congress

But his plan, and others', to strike back over web privacy may fall flat—at least for now

(Newser) - Congress has decided Americans' web browsing history isn't private , so Americans are now trying to turn the tables on Congress. Per the Washington Post , hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised via various crowdfunding efforts—including more than $73,000 by Supernatural star Misha Collins and more than... More »

The Tool That Could Keep ISPs From Spying on You

There are different schools of thought on virtual private networks, or VPNs

(Newser) - The country now waits for President Trump to put his signature on a bill blocking enforcement of FCC rules meant to keep internet service providers from selling and sharing user data. What people aren't waiting to do, however: freak out about the official loss of much of their privacy... More »

Netflix Streaming Traffic Overtakes Web Browsing

Just last year, the opposite was true

(Newser) - Streaming Netflix movies and TV shows: more popular than browsing the Web? Not exactly, but it does account for more Internet traffic. A new study shows that Netflix accounts for nearly 30% of traffic into North American homes during peak nighttime hours; Web browsing accounts for less than 17%. Even... More »

Some Software to Keep You Focused

Digital nannies keep you away from distracting web sites

(Newser) - The PC is a devilishly distracting tool, with news, social-networking, and game sites—not to mention work—vying for your attention. To salvage his productivity, Farhad Manjoo turned to a number of programs designed to cut down on distractions, he writes for the New York Times. There are three types.... More »

New Sony Vaio PCs Will Include Google Web Browser

Facing Microsoft, search giant aims to expand market for Chrome

(Newser) - Google Chrome, languishing in the browser wars, will get a substantial boost thanks to a deal with Sony—which is shipping new Vaio PCs with Chrome pre-installed. Google is also talking to other computer manufacturers, the FT reports, as it attempts to weaken the dominance of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which... More »

Firefox Upgrade Scares Off Porn Fans

(Newser) - The No. 1 reason many Firefox users refused to upgrade to the browser’s latest version was fear that it would expose their deep, dark—think "naked"—online secrets, PC Pro reports. Firefox 3’s new address bar suggests your bookmarked sites as you enter URLs, which 25%... More »

New IE8 Promising But Slow: Mossberg

While some features are unmatched, slow page loads hinder updated browser

(Newser) - Internet Explorer 8 becomes available at noon, but don’t go ditching your current browser just yet, writes Walter S. Mossberg in the Wall Street Journal. Microsoft's latest is "a big improvement over its predecessor, IE7, and a much closer competitor to its main rival, Mozilla's Firefox"—but... More »

Search Tools Tailored to You

Surf Canyon and SearchWiki provide different methods to customize results

(Newser) - Two new tools aim to make your web searches more valuable—and while both succeed, differences in how Google’s SearchWiki and Surf Canyon operate will make the difference for users, Katherine Boehret writes in the Wall Street Journal. SearchWiki acts as a function of a Google account: While logged... More »

PCs and Internet Are Merging

New Adobe AIR platform would blur the line between the two

(Newser) - The line between the Internet and PCs is blurring with the release today of Adobe AIR, a software development system for creating applications that can merge data between the two. AIR applications will have Web browser functionality without launching a browser, and users’ files will be "in the cloud,... More »

9 Stories