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Meet Baby No. 7 Billion

UN, activists pick representatives for population landmark

(Newser) - The world’s 7 billionth baby has been born, and a number of infants are vying for the title. The UN has chosen Danica May Camacho—born in Manila, Philippines, just before midnight—as its symbolic No. 7 billion, the Guardian reports. UN officials offered Danica’s family a cake... More »

Pakistan Surgeon General Killed

Dies with 8 others in suicide bombing

(Newser) - Pakistan's surgeon general was killed today by a suicide bomber who blew himself up at a busy intersection in the city of Rawalpindi.  Lt. Gen. Mushtaq Ahmad Baig, his driver and his guard were killed, the Washington Post reports; Baig was the highest-ranking military officer to be killed in... More »

2 Stories