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UK in Tizzy Over Homeless People and the Royal Wedding

Borough council leader Simon Dudley wants to 'clean up' Windsor's streets

(Newser) - A political storm is brewing ahead of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's May 19 wedding over whether to crack down on homeless people and beggars in the well-to-do English town of Windsor. The wedding will be held at Windsor Castle, the town's most famous landmark and a favored... More »

US Border Guards Shoot Armed Canadian

Guy had confronted police at a McDonald's in Windsor

(Newser) - US border guards shot and wounded an armed Canadian today after the man allegedly walked onto the Ambassador Bridge and pointed a gun at them, the CBC reports. According to US Customs and Border Protection, the officers told him to drop his weapon when he appeared at around 3am on... More »

Bomb Threat Closes US-Canada Bridge

2nd threat in a week shuts busy crossing

(Newser) - Is somebody in Detroit trying to keep Canadians out? The Ambassador Bridge linking Detroit with Windsor, Ontario, was shut down last night after a bomb threat was received from the Detroit side, reports CNN . The bridge is America's busiest commercial border crossing, with more than 10,000 commercial vehicles... More »

Mystery Rumble From Detroit Infuriates Canadians

'Windsor-hum' causing cross-border ruckus

(Newser) - Something strange and noisy is happening on Michigan's Zug Island, complain Canadians in Windsor, on the other side of the Detroit River. The "Windsor hum"—described as a low-pitched rumble—has been annoying residents of the border city for two years. Canadian scientists say they have pinpointed... More »

Detroit's Fall Wallops Canada

(Newser) - The collapse of Detroit has turned its Canadian counterpart into a veritable ghost town, the Economist reports. Located just across the Detroit River in Ontario, Windsor depends heavily on the Big Three, and now claims Canada’s highest unemployment rate at 14.4%. But Ontario’s problems go beyond “... More »

Brits Ready the Red Carpet for Sarko Visit

Flashy French prez will meet queen, work on often-turbulent UK ties

(Newser) - Carla Bruni isn’t the only tempestuous romance in Nicolas Sarkozy's life—the “turbulent love affair” of Anglo-French relations comes to the fore Wednesday as the flamboyant French prez prepares to meet with Queen Elizabeth. But Sarkozy is a vocal fan of Britain’s hardy economy, and with increasing... More »

Get Creative at Top Artsy Hotels

Pitched tent, disco balls enliven lodgings on Budget Travel list

(Newser) - A good hotel provides comfort; a great hotel ... inspiration? Artists touched up the staid look of these hotels, selected by Budget Travel for their fake-fur tapestry, psychedelic mazes, and speckled French graffiti:
  1. The Winston, Amsterdam: This avant-garde hotel once displayed dead leaves; check out the Playnation room's trippy ceiling mural
... More »

Prince Harry Arrives Home After Deployment

Young royal flourished under adverse conditions of battle

(Newser) - Prince Harry is back home after an abrupt end to his hitherto unreported Afghanistan deployment, CNN reports. The frustrated royal had earlier rued his return. "I don't want to sit around in Windsor," Harry, third in line to the throne, had told the Telegraph. "But I generally... More »

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