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Kobe's Next Title: '1-Man State Department' to China

Lakers star makes inroads with new Chinese foundation

(Newser) - Yao Ming may be an NBA star, but the most popular basketball player in China is Kobe Bryant—he's plastered on billboards and even once had his own reality show on Chinese TV. The Lakers guard has made a deliberate push in the world's largest nation, and he's now establishing... More »

Diplomatic Obama Our Own Spock

Cool-headed 'cultural translator' appeals to Star Trek generation

(Newser) - With the release of Star Trek tomorrow, we’ll be seeing a lot of Spock again—but we’ve been watching his earthly counterpart all year. President Obama is our own version of the charismatic half-Vulcan, writes Jeff Greenwald for Salon. His cool head and appealing intellect tie him to... More »

What Not To Do in Foreign Lands

Tabloid offers how-to guide for provoking international incidents

(Newser) - Taking its cue from the infamous shoe-toss of an Iraqi journalist—a sign of high contempt in his culture—the Daily Mirror presents a how-to guide for provoking international incidents:
  • Buddhist countries: Nothing raises eyebrows or ire more than a pat on the head, as that's where locals believe the
... More »

Caroline, Schmaroline: Pick Me Instead

Fran Drescher offers to take over Hillary Clinton's Senate seat

(Newser) - Fran Drescher has a great idea for a well-known woman to inherit Hillary Clinton's Senate seat, and it's not Caroline Kennedy, reports New York. The face—and, even more memorably, the voice—of the 1990s sitcom The Nanny proposes herself. OK, so she's never run for public office, but she... More »

Clapton Invited to Pyongyang

North Korea invites old Slowhand for landmark concert

(Newser) - Kim Jong Il is a diehard Elvis fan, but the Great Leader's son is seriously into Eric Clapton, which could be why North Korea has invited Old Slowhand to play a concert in Pyongyang. Though the New York Philharmonic performed there yesterday, a Clapton appearance  would mark the first time... More »

Philharmonic Wows North Korea

New York orchestra wins ovation after landmark performance

(Newser) - The New York Philharmonic received a huge ovation in Pyongyang tonight after a concert that marked the first thaw in cultural relations between the US and North Korea in 50 years. The performance—which included the countries' national anthems, a Korean folk song, and works by Gershwin, Dvorak, Wagner, and... More »

6 Stories