Timothy Leary

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Celebs: What I'd Have Said on the Moon

(Newser) - With Monday marking the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing, Esquire digs up celebs’ takes on what they’d have said if it had been them instead of Neil “One Giant Leap” Armstrong:
  • Muhammad Ali: Bring me back a challenger, ‘cause I’ve defeated everyone here on
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Twitter: LSD for Our Time

(Newser) - The parallels between Twitter and LSD are just too trippy for blogger Phil Baumann to ignore. “What was once a side project, a sort of laboratory experiment,” he writes, “has now seeped into the public domain and everyday more and more people are tripping tweeting.” Highlights... More »

Final Trip for LSD Creator

Chemist Albert Hofmann dies at 102

(Newser) - The Swiss scientist who formulated LSD and unwittingly helped lay the foundation of  '60s drug culture has died of a heart attack at the age of 102. Albert Hofmann, who called LSD his "problem child," discovered its hallucinatory properties while working on heart stimulants, reports the Washington Post.... More »

Philip Glass: Trained By Life

Minimalist composer talks odd jobs, '60s NYC, making money and using drugs

(Newser) - Philip Glass paid $30 in rent in 1960s New York City, drove a cab to support his composing, and didn't make a dime on his work until he was 41. "I was trained by life," Glass tells Details of working at the kitchen table while his kids watched... More »

4 Stories