Bill Cunningham

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Attack Teflon Barack, and You'll Be Sorry

Foes offend, apologize; Obama polishes his halo by forgiving

(Newser) - Barack Obama has accepted a lot of apologies this election cycle, and each has made the Democrat stronger, notes Politico writer Ben Smith. From Joe Biden’s “articulate and … clean” gaffe to Bill Cunningham’s attempts to accent his middle name, opponents are always stepping over a line... More »

Righty Host Furious After McCain Apology

Talking head vows to join Ann Coulter in supporting Clinton

(Newser) - Bill Cunningham has “had it up to here with John McCain,” the conservative talk-show host tells CNN of the likely GOP presidential nominee. By apologizing for Cunningham’s remarks at a McCain rally yesterday—in which Cunningham called Barack Obama a “hack” and repeatedly used his middle... More »

McCain Repudiates Backer's Anti-Obama Rant

Radio host attempts to smear likely opponent; candidate quickly disassociates himself

(Newser) - John McCain is distancing himself from a conservative commentator who introduced him at a rally today and launched into a tirade against Barack Obama, CNN reports. Talk-radio host Bill Cunningham called Obama a “hack” and used his middle name, Hussein, three times. McCain called the speech “disparaging” and... More »

3 Stories