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Companies Hobbled by Fewer Wall St. Analysts

(Newser) - The turmoil on Wall Street has left fewer analysts covering companies of all sizes, the Journal reports, leaving smaller operations struggling to connect with investors. Since September, there have been more than 2,200 instances of analysts formally dropping coverage—nearly a quarter of all research. That plunge has been... More »

No, It's a Terrific Time to Panic

Market prognosticators don't know what they're talking about

(Newser) - When the Dow plunged 300 points Monday, one money manager called it “the best buying opportunity we’ve seen in years.” Joe Queenan isn’t so sure. “The best buying opportunity in years is now 14 months old,” he writes in the Los Angeles Times. As... More »

Broker Breaks Ranks to Rant on Profession's 'Gibberish'

Anonymous London columnist goes public

(Newser) - A London broker who wrote a popular, anonymous newspaper column that lambasted the greed, superficiality, and "gibberish"-peddling nature of his profession is going public, quitting the financial world, and, of course, writing a book about it all, Bloomberg reports. “We didn't invent greed,” said Geraint Anderson,... More »

IBM to Buy Back $15B of Stock

Company raises its profit forecast

(Newser) - IBM will repurchase $15 billion of its own stock, it revealed today, leading the IT company to raise its profit forecast for the year to beat Wall Street predictions. The Armonk, NY-based computing giant will spend $12 billion on the buyback this year, the AP reports. The company told the... More »

4 Stories